Love My Singer!


I won this charm in a blog giveaway a few years ago. I saw its twin on a cute card on the Facebook page of Michelle of SewMichelle . . . AND I have a Singer that my parents gave me in high school that I still use . . . so I just had to turn the saying into an embroidery project. ♥


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  1. I totally understand this sentiment. I have a Singer too, to which I’m unnaturally attached.. I would drag it around like a little girl dragging her doll, if I could..he he..

  2. Just the word “Singer” brings back many memories for those who sew. I love an old one I have, but no longer use it to sew. This was a cute embroidery idea and I hope it will be displayed in your sewing area or somewhere special.

  3. How cute! I have a little Featherweight. It’s surprisingly lighter than I expected – almost too light. I had to put some non-sliding drawer liner under it so it wouldn’t slip off my table. Won’t be putting any organizer mat under it that hangs down like I planned as it is too light for that. Love that little machine though.

  4. It’s posts like these which warm my heart and bring back memories of the 2 old Singers I got from my mother and husband’s grandma. Had to let them go….sob…sob! Too big for my apartment

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