Tyler’s Tooth Fairy Pillow


I love to make tooth fairy pillows from well-loved baby or toddler clothes! To transform the Disney World hoodie that Tyler chose, I simply cut it into a square, embroidered a tooth on one pocket and a dollar sign on the other, and stitched and stuffed. So easy! Now he’s eagerly waiting for that first loose tooth! ♥  P.S. Click here for another hoodie tooth fairy pillow and here and here for two more designs.


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  1. Oh what a fabulous idea! So much more kid friendly than a sharp edged box! I have a pair of froggy leggings my son wore for the first 4 years and I kept them. I am a minimalist so what I do keep is pretty special. I am going to keep them with grandchildren in mind. I love your tooth fairy pillow and I know it will be very helpful to him as Tyler becomes a “bigger boy”.

  2. What a cute idea. I remember making something for my daughter out of yellow gingham but for the life of me I can’t picture it now. Too bad I have no little ones to do that for. They are darling.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, DS has been in bed sick, stomach bug :/ He is feeling better today,no temp, eating a little,I told him since he does not have to go to work until Wednesday night to just stay in bed to totally get over it.I am feeling better also..Thanks for asking 🙂

  4. I love Disney Parks, come from a family of dentists AND write a sewing blog – so obviously, I am deeming this the Best. Post. Ever.

    Well done! I love it! And a great way to “upcycle” clothes. 🙂

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