What Can You Make With a (comfybutunflattering) Dress?


Blue DressIt’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted a What Can You Make With A . . .? project, but I have one today! The inspiration was this blue dress. It was soft, swingy, and SO comfortable, with pockets in the side skirt seams, perfect with a black cardigan for chilly days . . . and what’s not to love about polka dots? But my mirror (and an “honest” family member) told me that this was not my best look and added more than a few pounds to my curves. So, out came the scissors.

  • The skirt is PERFECT as . . . a skirt! And I still get to enjoy the lovely color, fabric, and pockets. I simply cut it off a little above the empire waist, nipped and tucked here and there, and used the top of the cut-off piece to make a waistband. I love wearing it with my black pullover sweater, tights, and boots.
  • You’ve already seen the laptop case I made with the sleeves and neck elastic. I LOVE it and use it every day. It’s especially fun when someone asks where I got it!
  • That left just some bits and pieces, so I cut them into strips, twisted and stitched them into a flower, and used it for a-la-mode on a fun spring pillow I stitched up with some bird fabric from my stash. (Spring WILL come, right???)

Ahhhhh . . . much better! ♥


Bird Pillow

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  1. comfortable but unflattering !!! so very true 🙂 I have so many clothes which I love to wear because they are so comfortable but I don’t look great in them 😦 Only I cannot let them meet Mr.Scissors yet !!
    I love that twisted rose 🙂 ultimate recycling !

    • I think we all have a few items in this category in our closets . . . and often donating them is the way to go . . . but I just couldn’t part with this one! And now, thanks you to, I keep calling my scissors “Mr. Scissors!” 🙂

  2. I do enjoy your “what can you make with” series. Very inspiring. I also love the origami lotus bags you made in other projects. I have just the right jacket I am keeping to make one eventually. 🙂
    The skirt looks great, the bird pillow is perfect and I too make cases for my electronic equipment.
    I recycled some bubble wrap for the inside of my blackboard case.:-)

    • That’s so clever to add bubble wrap! I know our electronics appreciate all the padding they can get. And thank you for reminding me of those origami lotus bags! I haven’t made one in ages, and I just love them. I might have to make one out of my bird fabric! 🙂 Hugs, Katherine

  3. I’ve not had chance to catch up on blogs I follow for quite a while, it seems I’ve been missing loads! I love how you up-cycle every last bit and make some lovely new items, I particularly love the cushion with the flower. I have so many clothes that I love to wear but are so unflattering, why is that? But I’m not a sewer so when I finally see sense they end up at the charity shop, probably for others to wear or up-cycle, Lol! Linda x

  4. I love these things you’ve made! How many times have I cut up something to be used as rags? I don’t think I will anymore! 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration, Kathryn. Blessings!

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