Toy Car Wallet


1For Tyler-the-matchbox-car-lovin’-kid’s birthday, I stitched up a car wallet . . . plus (surprise! surprise!) a pillow with the leftover fabric. I read TONS of tutorials for the wallet and ended up using bits of several of them. My version has four pockets, a road, a Velcro closure, an elastic band (aka stretchy headband cut to size) to hold it all together, and the birthday boy’s initials embroidered on the front. Here are my favorite links in case you’d like to make one for a small person you love! ♥


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  1. This is such a cool idea! I have a Cars (the movie) fat quarter and I’ve been trying to find just the right project to make with it for Penny. She loves collecting little cars; I think this is THE project! 🙂

  2. Great idea for a little boy, I have 3 nephews and they’d probably love something like this. Thanks for sharing. Jean

  3. what a lucky little boy! I love the car wallet, I can think of many little boys who would actually pick up their toy cars and put them away if they had a wallet like this.

  4. My boys don’t play with cars anymore….well, my 17 year old likes to take my car out for a spin or two. They both loved cars when they were younger and this little tote would have been perfect

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