Journals from Vintage Children’s Books


When I saw this post on Thrift Store Crafter, I suddenly remembered that I, too, have a journal upcycled from a vintage book! I also remembered that I’d promised the person who gave it to me (my BFF/sister Susan) that I would actually USE it and not put it away with my treasures, so I got it off the shelf and began listing all the crafts/sewing projects I want to make and tucking in clippings and patterns. Now, when I find myself with a little block of free time, I’ll be all ready to go. And besides . . . this journal just makes me smile! ♥  P.S. Be sure to check out Sarah’s tutorials on Thrift Store Crafter! DP Journal

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  1. What a great site Thrift Store Crafter. Those books remind me of the very first childrens book I ever saw. My brother was 2 years older than me and he bought a book (probably similar to the ones you write but longer ago) home from school for “reading practice”. My brother read it to me and I realize now I was blessed with an almost innate ability to read. Thus began my lifelong love of reading. I always think of this when I read your blog and I imagine other little “gentlestitches” seeing books written for children by you and being inspired like I was. If I mentioned this before forgive me, it is just that “meeting” you makes the memory even sweeter. 😀

  2. Thanks for the link and I love the journal. Problem is, I’ve never seen a Donna Parker book at a thrift store. Paid good money at an antique store for 3 of them. Found 3 Trixie Belden new but would not make journals out of them. I looked at the thrift store this week and saw nothing useable but will keep searching. Wonderful idea when I find one.

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