Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


I’m afraid my “let it snow” frame worked, because we had snow over the weekend and still have below-zero wind chills today! Lucky for me, I get to work from home . . . and the lasagna, breadsticks, and chocolate cake we had for dinner warmed me up just fine. (Gym . . . I promise I’ll be there soon!)  It’s also a perfect day for this fun little free printable on my living room side table . . . thank you to Pam and Lisa of Over the Big Moon. ♥

Baby It's Cold Outside

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  1. We’ve had record lows today (I think it didn’t get over 5 degrees today. Tonight it will be below 0!). Brrr!

  2. Are you trying to encourage that kind of weather? I loved the comments. They tickled me. Wicked cold and slapped by mother nature! I’m putting up a sign that says no shovel required with a rain cloud with a tiny bit of sun peaking through. 🙂 We had some cold a couple of weeks before Christmas but now it’s much more comfortable. I’ll keep the rain.

  3. So, Katherine, I have you to blame for bringing this horrid weather? 🙂 We are having similar temperatures here with child factor in the danger zone. Everyone is bundling up here and covering windows with blankets even to keep warm without costing a fortune.

  4. Hawaii dreams!! I love your snow men!! Very cute!! I feel so lucky with having just rain!! We get some chilly weather that goes to the bone but nothing like what you have! Sending warm wishes your way! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  5. Maybe you should try a “let the sun come out” item next? It’s so incredibly windy & rainy here in the south of England I feel a desperate need for sun coming on.
    Love your decorations and your warm up meal sounds yummy.

  6. I’m so glad that you don’t have to wander out in the cold. I don’t remember feeling this cold before. 🙂 I love your little snowmen; very cute. Warm Hugs, Tamara

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