Thomas the Train Birthday Party


PillowWe got to fly to Florida for our grandson’s second birthday this weekend. What fun!

His mommy asked me to make some Thomas the Train bunting for the party, and of course I said yes!

The fabrics I chose (all from Fabric.Com) were:

  • Who’s That Train panel
  • Who’s That Train Word Blender in grey
  • Who’s That Train Symbol in red

I had enough left to make a tablecloth for the gift table and . . . no surprise here . . . a pillow for Ryan’s room. β™₯


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  1. That’s delightful and I’m sure your grandson is entirely enamoured of the lot! There’s an interesting cultural thing going on there. In Australia, we still have Thomas the Tank Engine (like the UK original), so it’s interesting (to me, anyway, but I admit I’m a bit odd that way) to see that he’s Thomas the Train where you are.

    • I didn’t know much about Thomas until this weekend, but I watched some Thomas dvds with the boys and asked their parents a lot of questions about the characters and their different speaking accents . . . it IS an interesting history!

      • I, like any good mother who watches TV with her children so that she has some idea of conversational input, used to know all the engines and their numbers. But that was a long time ago! YoungB had Thomas the Tank Engine undies when he was little, and they were quite a good sort of incentive (read bribe) to get him going in the mornings. LOL

  2. My oldest was a die-hard Thomas the Tank Engine fan back in the day. We still have the train set with all kinds of characters from the show. Your little Thomas fan will love your creations — they are simply perfect!

  3. Hi Katherine! I’m so glad you were able to go to Florida for your grandson’s birthday. And oh my gosh the Thomas the Train things you made are fabulous. I bet your daughter-in-law loved them. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  4. Good old Thomas translates across the pond??? That’s FANTASTIC…. we met the authors son years ago and he kindly wrote a personal message to my eldest daughter in her copy of a Thomas book. She is grown and a teacher now yet she still loves to recall the memory. Great children’s literature never leaves us. For me Enid Blyton πŸ™‚

  5. His Mummy must have been thrilled Kathryn , and I imagine little Ryan all *wide eyed* seeing Thomas and Friends Bunting . Lovely fun to share his celebrations .. they grow up so quickly .

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