The Good Neighbor Awards and Giveaway Winner!


Good Neighbor AwardTHANK YOU for helping me celebrate my second blog anniversary with another amazing outpouring of nominations for the Good Neighbor Award! For every blogger listed below, an avid reader (or more than one!) took time out of her busy schedule to send me an email telling me how much she would love to have you for a neighbor and why. Isn’t that just the most lovely compliment?

  1. First, I’ll share the comments, in no particular order.
  2. Then I’ll list the blogs that were nominated in ABC order. (Be sure to click on the links to find some new friends!)
  3. Finally, I’ll announce who got the most nominations and wins the giveaway. Here we go!
  • Living next door to this blogger would be great. She could help me with my photography skills and I know I would learn so much from her.  She is such a sweet person and I feel a kindred spirit with this lovely lady.
  • She’s my twin but she doesn’t know it . . . we must have been separated at birth!
  • She’s so stinkin’ funny!!!
  • Her home sounds like quilt heaven. Imagine being able to visit any time I’d like!
  • Because of her, I can’t throw ANYTHING away without first pondering how to reuse it in a creative new way.
  • I would like to have her as my next door neighbor to have a cup of tea together because she is so friendly and cheerful.
  • I love the ideas she has for different crafts, plus she just sounds like the kind of person who would make a great neighbor.
  • She’s Wonder Woman in disguise!
  • Her tips make my life easier.
  • She makes me look forward to getting older because she has so dang much fun!
  • Her patterns and tutorials inspire me, teach me, and stretch my limits.
  • Her DIYs are to DIE for!
  • I so admire how she balances her family, job, and creative pursuits. I hope to be able to do that someday, too!
  • She’s SO sweet! What’s not to like???
  • Her cards and paper crafts are a delight to the eyes.
  • I’ve learned so much about how to make my home more company-ready and hospitable from her, something that’s very important to me.
  • Her OOTDs are so inspiring! I’d love to be able to recreate something similar from my own closet. If she lived next door, she could help me!
  • Her blog is WAY better than Pinterest!
  • I love, love, LOVE the jewelry she designs and sells! It would be so much fun to watch her in action!
  • She has given me lots of good advice, both knowingly and unknowingly. I just love the way she thinks things through.
  • She’s so creative, yet so humble . . . I can’t imagine a nicer neighbor to have.
  • She was one of the very first supporters when I joined the blogging world and has been a super bloggy friend. Even though we live in different countries, I feel that we are close friends and close neighbours. I am always inspired by each one of her posts. She always leaves me thinking a bit more deeply about the simple things in life.
  • She’s REAL! And not many people are real these days.
  • Her sense of humor never fails to brighten my day.
  • She always takes wonderful photography and it would be so neat if she was my neighbor and could teach me how to take better photos!
  • She makes me laugh every day.
  • I would love for her to drop in for a cup of tea and show me her latest ideas. I would like to tell her some kids’ craft ideas of my own and she could use them in her own work.
  • Her gentle, loving personality comes through her art.
  • I want her craft room! Please, please, please move next door and help me!
  • Her blog is many things to many people (crafty, witty, funny, sweet and always, always kind and caring).  I never would have dreamed that a woman I met through blogging would one day become one of my dearest friends.
  • I wish she lived next door for a hundred reasons:  we have an amazing ‘kindred spirit’ connection. If she lived next door we would share walks, talks and cups of tea.  We would craft together, visit antique shops, eat falafels and be there for each other (as we are now) through thick and thin.
  • She makes me laugh. She makes me smile.  She loves animals and children and shows her care through words and deeds.  I would be one lucky woman to have her living next door.
  • Her life seems to be a lot like mine was 15 years or so ago, when the youngest kid was just starting school and the oldest was starting the teenaged years. I’d love to have her next door so I could say every morning “You’re doing a great job! They’ll be fine!”
  • I love how she weaves her faith in God into her everyday life. It’s hard to do that without being preachy, but she nails it.
  • She’s always nice and encouraging and seems like a fun person to be around.
  • She has a variety on her blog but what I would love to learn from her is paper piercing. She has done some amazing birds and I have bought one of her cushions, so beautifully made.  Very inspiring and very creative.
  • I’ve learned so much from her about how to promote my business through my blog.
  • Her recipes are so amazing that I just want to lick my computer screen. If she lived next door, I’d always leave my window open so I could enjoy the good smells coming from her kitchen.
  • They make me laugh!!! They need to move to my neighborhood so we can go shopping together.
  • She could check my patterns and find the errors! (That’s selfish, I know . . . LOL!)
  • She has a great blog full of wonderful craft projects to do with your children.  They are inexpensive and fun projects that promote lots of creative play. She would be fantastic to have as a neighbour, endless ideas for me!
  • She cares for the world and everyone in it. I admire that.
  • There are actually two ladies that I would like to have as neighbors. They are both so generous with their time and talents. I look forward to their posts. They lift my spirits and make me laugh. They are also wonderful at teaching their particular craft.
  • She’s so open about sharing the ups and downs of her life . . . I need someone like that next door!
  • She helps me so much over at my blog. When I get stuck with how to do things, she just writes me a lovely clear instruction and I am away. She is kind, generous with her time, has a terrific sense of humour and talented at crochet! I wish she lived nearby.
  • Her writing voice is so witty. I’ve learned a lot about writing AND life from her!
  • I’m so much more organized since I’ve “met” her through her blog. If she lived next door, I’d hire her to help me get my whole house in ship-shape.
  • I never heard of “refashioning” until I read her blog. Now I see it everywhere, but hers are the best of the best! I’d so love to learn from her.
  • I want her to move next door so I can see her collections and so we can go thrifting together. What fun we’d have!
  • I’d invite her over for coffee and get her advice on redoing my living room . . . or kitchen . . . or family room . . .
  • Her tablescapes never cease to amaze me. They make me want to entertain every night just so I can create such prettiness!
  • She could teach me to crochet and make me laugh!
  • She helps me keep things in perspective. I need a next door neighbor just like her!
  • She ALWAYS “likes” and comments on my blog posts. That means SO much to me!
  • Her refashions are beyond words! Maybe, just maybe, she could teach me to do that!
  • It is one of many grandparenting blogs I read, but it is above and beyond because of her exceptional photography, quilting, decorating, gardening, shopping skills, and it is an all around fun blog. She has a great sense of humor and I could picture myself sharing a cup of coffee and dessert with her and enjoying the conversation immensely.
  • Where do I begin? I use her recipes! I try her decorating ideas! I pin her crafts! She simply inspires me with each and every post. How wonderful it would be to have her as my next-door neighbor!

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Vicky Myers Creations

Winter Owls

Please pick up your button above to display on your blog (if you wish). Nothing is required. I just want you to know that you’ve made a big impression on someone (or many someones!) and that we’re all grateful you’re sharing your life with us. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand . . . the blog with the MOST nominations is . . . Crafty Staci! Click here to read about your prize, Staci, and if you choose to accept it, please email me and I’ll send you my mailing address to get the ball rolling. CONGRATULATIONS! ♥

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  1. Wow… reading all those amazing comments brought tears to my eyes – if anyone wonders what the point of blogging is they need look no further:) and amazing to find my blog on the list!! Thank you to whoever kindly nominated me:) Made my day after rather a long week and big push to achieve my self imposed goals:) I am off to explore the list and discover some amazing blogs:) Vicky

  2. I still think this is one of the best ways to garner giveaway entries; Katherine, you really know how to build and foster community here at Pillows a la Moe! Also, I was so touched and honored to see that someone nominated me! (Thank you!) What a wonderful way to start my day.

  3. Such a treat to find my blog name on the list…thank you…to whoever nominated me…and congratulations for sure to Crafty Staci!…I will have to read all of these blogs definitely…
    and a thanks to you Katherine for doing this…how fun are you!

  4. What a lovely post Katherine – I can’t wait to spend some time visiting all the nominees! I already follow Crafty Staci and have to say she is a worthy winner. Jill x

  5. Thank you to whoever mentioned us and another special thank you for including our nominee. Now, I’ll be hoping for a rain day so I can visit each and every one of these special blogs. What fun, and I know I’ll come away with so much information and new blogs I just need to read. 🙂

  6. Yay for Staci!! And thank you, whoever you are, for mentioning ME! I so appreciate that…and I see several on here that I follow. Now I see a few more that I’m going to check out. Thanks so much for this, Katherine, and for including my nominee!!

  7. Way to go Staci! What a fun idea Katherine, you’re the neighbour everyone would love to live close to. Thank you for linking and I certainly will come back to visit some other creative souls on your extensive list. WP is a great community to hang in.

  8. Congratulations to Staci! And a hearty thank you to someone(s) who nominated me. A special thank you to Katherine for hosting this award and including my nominee. Can’t wait to check out this awesome blog list!

  9. My many and sincere THANKS and Appreciation to all who were thoughtful to include me in The Good Neighbor Award Nomination. May God Continues to strengthen you all through HIS Grace and Mercy. You all are Good Neighbors! Blessings, Mtetar

  10. Thanks Kathy for hosting the wonderful supportive blog initiative for another year. Thank you so much to the bloggy friend who nominated me! I am thrilled and honoured. I look forward to checking out the other wonderful blogs that were also nominated to add to my blogging community. ~Thea

  11. Congratulations to Crafty Staci; you should feel great about your blog! We also want to thank whomever nominated us–we are so happy that you like our blog!

  12. Staci…..Congratulations! Your blog has so many wonderful ideas! Sending a huge Thank You to the wonderful blogger that nominated me. It was so nice to see my name on the list. 😀 I do appreciate all the blogging friends I have ‘met’. Katherine, thank you for sponsoring this delightful award! Enjoy your creative day! ~ Vickie

  13. I am almost speechless. After the shock wore off, I ran around the house telling my husband and kids about this, then sat down in front of the computer, read everything again and found myself wiping away a few tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who nominated me, to everyone for the sweet comments left here and to Katherine for such a fantastic idea for celebrating the anniversary of your amazing blog. I’m humbled and excited and can’t wait to start digging through my closet!

  14. As I am checking all of you in detail, it is kind of hard to say who would be the best neighbour, because all of you ARE best neighbours. And I thank Katherine again because she has managed to provide a way for those who nominated me to show their kindness to me and this is really overwhelming. Thanks with heart! 🙂

  15. Many congratulations Crafty Staci, you have a fantastic blog! This is such a great idea and I now have many blogs that I need to check out. Thanks to whoever nominated me for their neighbour, it has really made my day. 🙂

  16. Woohoo….new neighbors to visit. Thanks again Katherine, you are truly a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so glad to have you in my virtual neighborhood. Stay blessed and continue bringing us all closer together!

    • I completely agree, Laura . . . which is the downside to sharing a fun list like this . . . I would feel terrible if someone’s feelings were hurt . . . so thank you for the reminder to cherish ALL our blogging friends as our neighbors.

  17. Congratulations Crafty Staci!

    I got two comments today (after a busy weekend of being away from my computer) with congratulations on my nomination, and I was like, “Nomination? Huh?” After a little research I came across this post and was completely humbled that somebody would want to be neighbors with me! Completely made my day! What a fantastic post! 🙂 Thanks to whoever nominated me, and congratulations again to Staci! I’d want to be her neighbor too! 🙂

    You are such a cool person to think to do this post! I’m so excited to get to know all of these awesome people, and I’d love to be neighbors with YOU!!! 🙂


  18. I think when I began this journey it never occurred to me that I would be blest with so many new friends! Thank you, Katherine, for this wonderful “open door” opportunity to meet even more! Each is so very special and appreciated so much!!! Blessings………..Doreen a.k.a. Treadlemusic

  19. Oh my, I so want to live in this neighbor! Thanks a lot for the kind words (for any sentence!), and for the nominating! You really made my day! 😀 I am going to check all blogs mentioned in your post!

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  23. Oh! this is one of the sweetest posts Katherine! How nice of you to celebrate with all of us your 2nd Blog Anniversary; you are always thoughtful and kind to others! 🙂 Congratulations and Happy blog Anniversary! 🙂 I will be visiting the blogs and I’m so happy that someone thought of nominating me! 🙂 Thanks again Katherine!

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  25. Lovely post Kathryn ! Always a bit of a lift visiting here and seeing what you are up to with your arty skills 🙂
    I don’t seem to be crafting much at the moment but do love to see other’s talents .
    Congrats to Staci !

  26. Pingback: Good Neighbor Award…. Thank you !! | EasyCraftsForChildren

  27. oh my goodness, I really need to find time for all my favorite blogs more often! I was wondering what all the “congrats on your award” comments on my blog were from 🙂 thank you SO much to whoever nominated me, and congrats to Crafty Staci and all the other nominees!

  28. I was wondering about the congrats comments on my blog. I’d forgotten about your post for nominations. What an honor! Are you sure I’m included in this awesome group? I appreciate the nomination very much – just the boost I’ve been needing lately. 🙂 Congratulations to all, and especially Crafty Staci!

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  31. Thank you so much Katherine!! What a nice surprise!! You are one of my most favorite bloggers and feel blessed to have you as my blogging friend! Can’t wait to check out all the blogs on the list!!

  32. What a fantastic list and I am so honored to be among these wonderful blogs. Maybe we should all move to a lovely island and we could all be neighbors!!! Congrats to Crafty Staci! And congrats to you Katherine on another wonderful blogging year! Here’s to an exciting third year for you! 🙂

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  35. Congratulations Crafty Staci! And thank you to whoever nominated Neaten Your Nest! Thanks for hosting this wonderful contest Katherine. It really makes all of us bloggers think about why we do this and who are audience truly is. Happy 2nd Blogiversarry!!!!

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  37. I have only just come across this post – I am so late to the party – but what an amazing surprise to find that I was nominated for the good neighbour award – this really has just made my day. It is such a lovely idea, but so sneaky to not tell us who nominated us, hehe. I would be honoured to be the recipient of any single one of those thoughtful comments. I hope you make this an annual thing. thanks again xxx

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