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SAMSUNG CSCI’ve always wanted to read a Sewing World magazine, so I was on cloud nine when offered the opportunity to do a review!  Editor Julie mailed the July edition all the way to Kansas from the UK, and after devouring every page, I give it a 10 out of 10!  And I was so excited to see this amazing bag designed by one of my favorite bloggers, Susan of Susie D Designs (with a pattern you can also get at Susan’s Etsy shop . . . and she’ll have a bag in the September issue, too!)  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please browse the photos and my comments below and then click HERE to go to the Sewing World website for subscription information and lots of fun projects, patterns, and other goodies.  Thank you, Julie! ♥

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  1. Great little magazine. Been thinking of getting one for ages, then at the beginning of the month. Now, I just love it so I ended up getting a subscription for a year 🙂

  2. Hi Katherine – thanks so much for a wonderful review of my magazine! I am very proud of it and pleased it’s been so well received!! Julie x

  3. Hi Katherine,

    what a fab review! (and thank you for the amazing compliments about my bag and blog, I’m so humbled) This magazine really is the best and I promise I’m not just saying that ’cause I have projects in it. Julie (editor) and the team do the most amazing job – all the great projects, articles, features and so on… I look forward to my issue every month.



  4. Hi – thank you for your review. There are so many magazines over here (as there must be in the States) and it becomes difficult to decide which ones to have a look at – never mind to buy! I will keep my eye out for thes magazine.

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