What can you make with a vintage dress?


Collage_DressI’m taking a month off from blogging to finish a big writing assignment and go on a little trip. (Will I have the willpower not to click on my WordPress reader with my morning coffee??? We’ll see . . .)  But first, I want to share my latest “What Can You Make With A . . . “ project. I got this dress from my friend Liz who bought it at a rummage sale for ONE DOLLAR! (Click here to meet her.) The color and fabric were perfect for some shabby chic projects, like . . .

  • a pillow with fabric rosettes,
  • a lace hair bow with a fabric rosette,
  • an evening bag with zipper flower a-la-mode,
  • a half apron (with a bit of toile from my stash),
  • and a lace-decoupaged flower pot.

Here are the creative bloggers and authors who inspired me. See you in August! ♥

Fabric Rosettes: Sweet C’s Designs  and Diary of a MadMama (except I stitched instead of glued)

Zipper Flowers: A Creative Princess and Awesomesauce and Asshattery

Apron: Page 51 of One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins (“Granny’s Clothespin Apron” designed by Elorie Bechtel)

Lace-Decoupaged Pot: Urban Comfort


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  1. Now I’m sorry for all those ucky old dresses I’ve passed by at garage sales! No more passing. These are simply wonderful projects! have a safe trip and enjoy your time away.

  2. What a fun post! I love remaking things into other useful and beautiful items. These are inspired.

    I will miss your daily posts, but look forward to whats in store when you return. Best of luck finishing your writing project. Alys

  3. wow – what a gorgeous dress and thus gorgeous items made from it! great job – have a good time off but I can’t wait to see what more cool stuff you make in the future:)

  4. I am speechless !! You have such an amazing talent and vision. I would have thought of a pillow, maybe a purse, but the apron, pot and hair bow, wow…. I have made roses, but have never thought of putting them on a pillow. The zipper rose is brilliant. Have a great month off and relax my friend 🙂

  5. Wow! Perfect timing! I want and need some fabric flowers for my fall bags and Lord knows, I have the fat quarters! Can’t wait to visit my stash and get started. Have loads of fun on your break!

  6. Amazing what you think up K !!
    Enjoy your trip and writing time . I’m betting you will have a little peep at WP over coffee ….Lol

  7. Wishing you a productive time and even though you aren’t blogging, hope you can still do a bit of peeking at what we lot are up to! Loved that vintage material!

  8. BTW, these are gorgeousj I once took apart a gorgeous old paisley wool skirt and turned it into throw pillows that will probably remind me forever of that positive time in my life when I used to wear that skirt and think everything was possible.

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  12. Curlsnskirls got me to you and my first comment is a shout. ONE DOLLAR!!! I’m living in the wrong country! Earlier this week another blogger showed her Yard Sale buys making a grand total of FIVE DOLLARS, now I’m choaking as I type, truly!

    Utterly divine items and I just lovethe zip being used as a flower.

    Thank you for the inspiration

    • You’re very welcome! I couldn’t believe Liz found this for one dollar, either! It’s so lovely! Of course, it was a little musty and had a few stains that needed chopped off, but a run through the washer and a pair of scissors solved that. I haven’t been to a yard sale myself in years, but I must start going! 🙂 And welcome to Pillows A-La-Mode! 🙂

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