Easiest Skirt Ever!


I LOVE my new “5-Minute Skirt” designed by Amy at Angry Chicken. It took me a little over an hour to make the pattern, sew, and press it. It’s a perfect fit, and I get lots of compliments every time I wear it, including raves about the fabulous fabric from my bloggy friend Laura’s LC’s Cottage Etsy shop! This was my first time using foldover elastic, too, and I’m now a fan . . . especially when it has a fun design like this (from Jo-Ann)! Following are a few tips to go with Amy’s excellent tutorial:

  • DON’T skip the part in Step 3 about trying on the skirt after sewing up the side seams. I had to take mine up another seam’s width on both sides.
  • I had a little trouble folding, holding, and stretching the waist elastic all at the same time. So, I first left it flat, holding it against the wrong side of the skirt and stretching and zigzagging, THEN folded it over to the right side and zig-zagged around it again. You might not need to do this, but it helped me!
  • After completing Step 4, I noticed that the sides hung a little longer than the front and back (a pattern creation error on my part, I’m sure), so I measured and marked the length all the way around from the bottom of the waist elastic and evened it up where needed before hemming.

P.S. I just saw another fun pattern called a “10-Minute Skirt” on The Frugal Crafter. You can check out a cute finished version made of vintage fabric by Stefani at Jewels for All. ♥

Skirt Photo

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  1. 10 mins – what’s not to like! I have a piece of black something or other that I’ve been making to make a skirt out of for the last 6 winters….maybe you finally prompted me! 🙂

      • Oh yeah you could wear that for the Fall with a nice pair of those high heeled boots. Since I don’t work any longer, I miss all of my wardrobe of my skirts and such. I always wore this one long flowery skirt with my black knee high boots and got lots of compliments when I did. Now, I wear shorts or nice sweat pants (weather permitting) all the time. Oh yeah, and lots of flip flops! 🙂

  2. This is very cute! It looks so easy, too. I’ve not seen the “fold-over elastic” but will check at JoAnn’s. Love the print on it!

    • Thank you, Kim! I just LOVE that elastic! I actually didn’t pay close attention to the measurements on the packaging and bought way too much, but that just gives me an excuse to try it on some other projects, right? 🙂

  3. I’m going to try this with my granddaughter! I’m showing her the Frugal Crafter. Thanks for the references. Enjoyed checking out the other blogs.

  4. So pretty! I think you had trouble with the hem because of the way fabric cut on the bias stretches. Congratulations on getting a perfect fit! I’ve read that bias cut is flattering; I’ve also read it’s very clingy on the hips and bottom, so I’ll have to give it a try to see what it does for my figure.

    • Thank you! I only seem to find small pockets of time to sew and craft these days, so it’s fun to be able to make a whole garment in such a short time . . . and one that FITS . . . and that I LIKE! 🙂

  5. I have to try as I have not attempted fold down elastic. Thank you for your many visits and likes on my blog it is much appreciated.

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