Monogram Father’s Day Cards


9-hole buttonsHave you ever heard of 9-hole buttons? And did you know you can use them for words and monograms??? I didn’t until I read this fun post by Nicole on Diary of a Mad Crafter! And Nicole is so clever that she even made her OWN buttons!!!

I found mine at the yehuting Etsy Shop . . . only $4.98 plus shipping for forty. This lovely shop owner has TONS of other amazing notions, too. Do pay her a visit!

We’re having a big family reunion in June that falls on Father’s Day weekend. I wanted to make cards for all the dads who’ll be visiting, and the wooden buttons on plain kraft cardstock worked perfectly for a masculine monogram. I have quite a few left over, too . . . so more projects to come! ā™„


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    • Thank you, Lauren! Truthfully, I just had the buttons and paper sitting side-by-side on my craft table and *BING!* the idea came to me . . . sort of like those old Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials about the chocolate accidentally bumping into the peanut butter! šŸ™‚

  1. How clever! There are so many wonderful people who have fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing this one. I love the cards and I know they will be appreciated by the dads when they receive them. Have a lovely day! ~Vickie

  2. Cute idea, I will have to try that! I used to do a lot of French sewing when my kids were small, and you can do a variation of this with a four-hole button. I put small mother-of-pearl buttons on my girls’ dresses by embroidering them on with a pink bullion rosebud running from one hole to the diagonal opposite hole, then a lazy daisy green leaf from base of rosebud to each of the remaining two holes. Beautiful embroidered flower holding the buttons on! And the buttons still worked to close the dress.

  3. Thank you for sharing Katherine šŸ™‚ Very clever !! I looked in the yehuting Etsy Shop and they have amazing things.

  4. I had never heard of them and I love hearing about new things. They are really special and a fab idea!

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