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My two newest books arrived today! We wrote a series of 24 Reader’s Theater scripts based on the Grade 1-2 Common Core State Standards for Language Arts. They’re fun and funny to write AND to read! Plus, I got to write the teacher’s guides for all 24 of these books and the Grade 3-6 scripts as well . . . another fun, creative project.  I do love my job! ♥

WordPlay Collage

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  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement. I tried to figure out how to buy some of your books for a great-niece but they appear to be sold in bulk to teachers. Too bad because the look wonderful. You have a great deal to be proud of.

    • Thank you! You’re correct that the educational publishers normally sell six-packs or bigger sets to schools, but I’m pretty sure all they will sell single copies of books if you inquire. Good luck! And thank you for the lovely compliment! 🙂

  2. These are awesome! If I were still teaching, I would put them to use, but since I’m not, I will share them with my still-teaching friends.

    • Yes! We have Reader’s Theater for kindergarteners, too! Go to benchmarkeducation(dot)com, click on the Reader’s Theater tab at the left, then click on “My First Reader’s Theater” and “Reader’s Theater: Nursery Rhymes and Songs.” These are SO much fun and have amazing, supportive teacher’s guides. I know from being an elementary teacher that Reader’s Theater is hugely popular with students of all reading levels. And click around on the other book sets, too . . . you’ll love them! I’m especially fond of the Classic Tales right now (https://pillowsalamode.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/new-books/). 🙂 P.S. I also have a couple of guides for teachers using Reader’s Theater in the downloads page on my web site at edwriter(dot)com. I hope this helps! 🙂

      • I wanted to share this with you. I have always loved and been fascinated by books.
        When I was 3/4 years old my big brother 6/7 years old brought home from school a school reader and read it to me while we looked at the pictures together. It was about pirates and it focused on the colours and shapes of the pirate’s gemstone treasure. My first book and I was in love with books from that moment on. Perhaps a little gentlestitches will be having the same reaction to one of your lovely books in another part of the world? 🙂 x

          • I have a prayer book for children that survived with lovely illustrations in it but that is all. My son has a great collection of books and I have a small but perfectly wonderful collection that is mine. 🙂

  3. Ummmm…you work for Benchmark!? My Dad is the Marketing guy there! Jay Castelli. Not sure if you would know him or not or how closely you work with the owners, Tom and Sarah…. But my worlds are totally colliding right now in a wonderful way! Katherine, this is so wild! I thought for a second, “Hmmm…that’s funny. My Dad is always telling me about the amazing Readers Theatre publications they do at Benchmark, I wonder what company Katherine works with.” Then, I zoomed into the picture and the shock ensued. Ahhhh! If it weren’t so late at night, I’d call my Dad right now! Crazy!

    • You’re KIDDING!!!! How wonderful!!! Yes, I’ve met your dad (I’m picturing him right now!!!) and have worked with Tom and Sera (and most closely with Carrie) either as a freelancer (while I was still teaching) or full-time for over 10 years from my home office in Kansas! I LOVE Benchmark, and your dad is SUPER nice and EXTREMELY good at what he does! This just makes my day!!! 🙂

  4. I have t admit, I do envy your job! It must be so rewarding to be able to work in a capacity that allows you to be so creative! ~Thea

      • I actually have written five professional resources for teachers but that was quite a while ago. I always have children’s stories in my head because I think that is just the way my mind works.

        • Congratulations!!! That’s how I started out . . . by writing teacher resource books over things I did in my classroom. For children’s writing I HIGHLY recommend the course from The Institute of Children’s Literature. I took it as a young stay-at-home mom and got several magazine publications from my assignments, and after I started writing full-time in 2006 I worked as one of their instructors for three years. It’s an amazing course and very budget- and time-friendly . . . just something to think about for the future! 🙂

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