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Felt FlowersMake & Mingle has these fun “emporium of craft” boxes in their Etsy shop now!  Even though I’m loving spring and looking forward to summer, I decided to go with the box of autumn colors.  It will be so much fun to come up with projects for all these fabulous materials!  I also ordered a little packet of “felt bon bon roses,” which will go on some accessories I have planned.

You can check out Make and Mingle’s blog here, Etsy shop here, and FB page here . . . or find them anytime from my Shop Love! page above. ♥

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  1. wow, that looks like a nice package, compatible with a lot of craft ideas! I love them all, so much nice colours and combinations… Far too dangerous for my wallet 😛

  2. HaHa. That looks like fun. I had a flash of you and I making something with a certain amount of ingredients like on a cooking show but with fibres. I know we would come up with something interesting!

  3. Katherine! How wonderful are you for the kind words and the shout out 🙂 I love putting them together. I have a whole bunch more to put together just have to get round to it 🙂 I also love the phrases printed on fabric will have to add more of them to the boxes.

  4. Kathryn …. I bet your scissors are walking across your table .. and your needles threading themselves ..
    At.The.Ready….. to make something *unique* 🙂

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