AMAZING Yarn . . . Thank You, Ginny!


My blogging friends are definitely giving me a big boost in the I-really-want-to-learn-to-knit-and-crochet department these days! First, Orit sent her amazing pdf tutorials to review. Then Ginny of My Time Stitching drew my name out of a bowl for her recent yarn giveaway! Isn’t it just gorgeous? I love the names, too, and they’re SUPER soft and have such lovely, unique textures. You MUST check out Ginny’s amazing floss storage cabinet when you visit her blog . . you’ll swoon! Here’s a photo of my new yarn in my favorite expensive free wire tray.  Thank you, Ginny! ♥


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  1. Beautiful yarn! The black and white one with the balls on it is my favorite kind of yarn for a scarf. One skein makes one whole scarf, and in only an hour (maybe two for a beginner). If you’re interested, I have a tutorial for it under my crafts section. I have made a bazillion of these and have one in every color (including the black and white). I hope you’ll try it and let me know how you like it. They’re great for a beginner, since it’s just a chain stitch row and then a single crochet row, and you’re done. I hope you find lots of neat ways to use your new yarn. Have fun!

  2. Wow, lovely colours! I made a shawl of a yarn similar to the Starbella one you have a few weeks ago, but I didn;t like the end result 😦 Far too frilly for me! Didn’t matter in the end, I gave it away to someone who did like it 🙂 The furry yarn is one of my favorites, it’s so soft and snuggly!

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