How to Crochet . . . Jewelry!



As you know from my Lucky Save post, I’m still in preschool as a crocheter! So when my blogging friend Orit Hadad asked me to review her “How to Crochet Jewelry” pdfs, I confessed that I was sadly lacking in both crochet and jewelry-making skills. However, Orit replied that this made me the perfect candidate, because her pdfs give step-by-step directions in crochet as well as jewelry techniques, so they would help me with my yarn projects, too! Then I was delighted to help, especially since I’ve long admired Orit’s gorgeous crocheted rings, earrings, and pendants in her Etsy shop. So please feast your eyes on the amazing earrings above, and then check out her jewelry and pdf patterns here. But first, let me summarize what I found in my review:

  • Orit currently has three pdf tutorials that you can buy separately or as a set: How to Make Crochet Beads, How to Make Crochet Earrings, and How to Make Crochet Rings. (Seriously, you HAVE to click on these last three links to see close ups of Orit’s amazing work!)
  • The crochet technique works for all types and colors of stones, so you can add variety to your designs.
  • Orit recommends beginning with simple craft wire and then moving on to fine wires after you feel comfortable with the technique.
  • She includes a materials list and step-by-step directions supported with close-up, full-color photographs and interspersed with text boxes containing helpful tips.
  • Orit was right . . . I CAN learn to crochet with yarn using her instructions, so maybe crocheting a pendant someday isn’t an impossible dream for me after all!

Oh, and Orit is getting ready for a GIVEAWAY featuring one of her lovely creations, so stay tuned to her blog! And you can find her any time from my Shop Love! page above. β™₯

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  1. I bought a pair or silver crocheted earrings last year from a friend of a friend. Aren’t they amazing? I love your reviews and your support for so many crafters and bloggers. Women supporting women. It does my heart good.

  2. She’s been a favorite if mine on Etsy for quite a while– love her design style! I crochet, and make jewelry, but have never tried putting the 2 together, but maybe I will give it a whirl!

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  4. Lovely jewelry, thanks for the tip! I ordered a pdf tutorial…It is great when people pick out lovely things for you in the vastness of internet possibilities.

  5. THANK YOU, Katherine!!!! I am very proud to be one of your reviews. Your support for so many crafters and bloggers are very important. You are a true LADY!! It took me some time to comment. I am back to work and Tuesday is my craft fair. After that I had to breastfeed nf, cooked pasta and answered so many ‘why’….

    Your Friend,


  6. I reckon I could whip something up that would be really good but trouble is there is only one of me! (know what I mean?) πŸ˜‰ I am definitely having ideas. Like a necklace of tiny red cotton apples om a gold crochet cotton chain. Even a crochet “pearl”necklace would look great on a linen frock! Ah so many projects, so little time. πŸ™‚

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