Easy-Peasy PEEPS Garland!


PEEPS Garland

I love PEEPS . . . even though they make most of the rest of my family go “Ewwwwwwwww . . . !”  But who could resist some adorable PEEPS garland? It’s super easy, and as I made it, I realized I had lots of choices.  So here’s a chart!  Simply pick one thing from each column (which you probably already have around the house!), and soon you’ll have your finished garland hanging among your other spring decor. Here is mine with felt, fabric paint, ric-rac, and machine stitching. (Click on the photo for a close-up.)  Oh, and you can find lots of free templates for the bunny shape on Google images. Have fun! ♥

Eyes and Nose Garland Attachment Method
  • felt
  • fabric scraps
  • construction paper
  • scrapbook paper
  • brown fabric paint
  • brown permanent marker
  • brown embroidered French knots
  • ric-rac
  • ribbon
  • rope
  • string
  • twine
  • machine stitch
  • hand stitch
  • glue

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  1. I had never hear of Peeps until this week when an american colleague was talking about them..this made me smile as it was quite a funny moment with all of the Australians in the room looking at the poor guy like he had gone made. But now we are fully up to speed and fully embracing Peeps! 😉

    • They’re marshmallowy, sugary, super-cute bunny or bird-shaped treats that appear in stores around holidays, especially at Easter! One of my Australian blogging friends said she just learned about Peeps, too! 🙂

  2. What a cute swag, I have been thinking for days what to do with my fireplace, I may have to make a few peeps for the wreath !! Great job, as always

  3. I actually giggled when I saw your post and the Peeps garland — so cute! And I thought of you and your family when I saw all the Easter Peeps out. Two gals were shopping together and one said, “Oh great! They’ve got all the different Peeps!” And her friend said “So. Gross!” Guess they inspire strong feelings… But either way, they’re cute!

  4. Hello to a fellow-Peep lover,

    I was excited to read this post about more fun things to do with Peeps. I am not ‘crafty’ at all, and just eat my Peeps, but I enjoy seeing what other creative minds do with their Peeps.

    I am dreading the long ‘peep-less’ season between Easter and Halloween. I try to stock up and then ration my Peeps, but that hasn’t worked too well.


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