Red Sweater Heart Pillow


Scene FramedRemember the little hearts I sewed on my recent travels—upcycled from a sleeve of a cozy old red sweater?

I used two of them for little-girl barrettes with pink button a-la-mode and all but four for my heart-to-heart garland.

Then I looked at the sweater again and decided that the body had to become a BIG red Valentine pillow, like this:

  • Fold the sweater in half lengthwise and, starting at the fold, cut a large half-valentine from the front and back. Unfold.
  • Pin and stitch strips of the sweater’s hem and sleeve binding across the pillow front for a-la-mode.
  • Pin and stitch the pillow front to the pillow back, right sides together, leaving about three inches unsewn.
  • Trim the seam, then turn the pillow rightside-out, stuff, and handstitch the opening.

It’s the softest pillow ever! ♥

P.S. The drawing in my office is a print of I’m Into Art by Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton of Wellsville, Kansas.  You can read a biographical sketch of Mrs. Layton’s life and see close-ups of her drawings here.  She’s one AMAZING lady!

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    • Thank you, Laura! This was my aunt’s dressing-table bench. She was always super-fashionable, so when I inherited it, I wanted to redo-it in a way that I knew she’d love. I’m pretty sure this would get her stamp of approval! 🙂 P.S. I love your new gravatar! 🙂

  1. Lovely and I too like the zebra print on your chair, I haven’t been brave enough to try anything so bold in my home as yet. I did try something new that I am finishing today and should be able to share tomorrow. I am coming out of my shell slowly with color and textures. Now I need to find a red sweater. 🙂

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