Le Trango


I’ve been following Christina at Le Trango: An Illustrated Accessories Company for quite awhile and always get a smile when I see her adorable illustrations coming through my WordPress reader. So I decided to check out her Etsy Shop and found this sweet set of notecards I can send to my friends and family. The shop also features Christina’s whimsical creatures on canvas tote bags, pocket mirrors, and stuffed toys. Click here for Le Trango’s blog, here for the Etsy Shop, and here for the FB page from this post or anytime from my Shop Love! page above. ThankΒ  you, Christina! β™₯


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  1. Adorable. Porcupines in ties and birthday hats. πŸ™‚ it’s funny as I love porcupines, but they aren’t usually depicted as your traditional, cute fuzzy critter.

    • I love the quirkiness of it, too! I have a series of kindergarten books about a porcupine named Quill, and the artist did an amazing job of making him look cute, too . . . so I think these are pretty special! πŸ™‚

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