Meet An Upcycling Queen!


Free BookDo your New Year’s resolutions include using more of what you already have in your crafting, gift-making, and home decor?  Then you’ll want to meet Mahe at The Altered Upcycling Blog and Altered Upcycling. Mahe explains that she has a Master’s degree in Operations Research, works at a software house, and is an avid altered artist who is constantly looking for ways to make the world greener one small craft project at a time.  And, if you sign up on her blog or web site, you’ll receive her FREE pdf book called The Ultimate Guide to Upcycling  for one-of-a-kind jewelry, cards, gift bags, wall art, and more.  Mahe sends out free ideas and how-to videos in her email newsletter as well, such as how to make a beautiful card from a dinner napkin, old dictionary page, leftover ribbon, and glue!  Mahe writes in a friendly, conversational style as if she’s sitting right beside you, includes what worked and DIDN’T work for her, and supports her ideas with step-by-step directions, photographs, and alternatives.  You can get your copy by clicking on the link in this post or any time from my Shop Love! page above.  Thank you, Mahe! ♥

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to the term “Upcycling”. It is a great word and a concept I use a lot. It is a nurturing, life affirming way of thinking and I love it.

    • Those are great ideas! I’m trying to learn to do more of this at home . . . although, as an elementary teacher, it was hard to throw anything away because we always seemed to find a use for it in the classroom! 🙂

  2. Thank you so very very much for the post! I am so honored to hear what y’all have to say about our work. Please do let me know if their are any suggestions or feedback you have for our work. Best, Mahe

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