Gentle Changes: Christmas to Winter


I can never take down ALL the Christmas decorations on December 31, can you? Instead, I like to “tweak” some of them for the winter. Here are some of this year’s gentle changes:

(1) Keep the giant winter wreath and snowflake garland, but trade the nativity on the mantel for family photos.

(2) Keep the Christmas cards nearby to enjoy again and again, but add a free New Year’s printable in a frame.

(3) Put a fun snowman on top of the kitchen cabinet by the antique milk bottles.

(4) Change out Santa for a snowman in the fabric forest and add a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” free printable in a frame.

(5) Get out the softest, squishiest, coziest sweater pillow I’ve ever made for winter napping. ♥

Numbered Collage

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  1. Oh no, I can’t take down the Christmas decor until at least mid-January. It just warms our home so much! My husband feels the same way. In fact, one year (I’m ashamed to say) we left up our Christmas tree (it was artificial) through Valentine’s Day. I just switched out the Christmas ornaments for paper hearts I had made and bam: it was a Valentine’s Day tree. (Though I don’t plan on waiting that long again. Ha ha.)

    Love the subtle choices you made to make your decor more “winter” and less Christmas, while still keeping those homey touches. Love it! And great idea to use so many free printables. I’ve been getting into those a lately myself. Happy new year!

    • I LOVE the Valentine Tree idea! Hmmm . . . then Easter eggs . . . then flowers . . . then mini-pumpkins . . . 🙂 And do I EVER love the free printables people share on their blogs! They are such a treasure! Happy New Year to you, too, dear Lauren!

  2. I do the same change from Christmas to winter each year. Santas go away and snowmen stay. I also like blue and white for winter and traditional red and green for Christmas. I love the fabric forest and the pillow!

  3. I leave the decorations up until Epiphany on Jan 6 then I have to take them down in one fell swoop so I don’t prolong the agony.

  4. Santas go…. but snowmen and snowflakes stay. (although, lately I find as I get older, that time is going SO fast, I wonder why I put Christmas away at all, it comes around again so quickly! 🙂 )

  5. Well…I must admit I put them all away because I don’t want to have to repack and go back and forth to the attic. But, I like what you left.

    • I would definitely do the same if I had to put them in the attic, Judy! Luckily, mine go in the guest room closet so they’re not too hard to put away. 🙂 But can our guests actually hang clothes in there? Nope! 🙂

  6. I didn’t put up many decorations this year, but I was still happy to take them down on NYD. But I do love your idea of changing the decor just a tad for winter, keeping the festive feeling.

    • I seem to simplify the decorating every year. This year we even did a tabletop tree instead of the big one! But I do love the warmth and charm all of it adds . . . especially when it’s snowing outside! 🙂

  7. Love your sweater pillow. We’re keeping the decorations up until 12th Night. I would be very sad to take my tree down before then.xx

  8. That’s such a lovely idea! I took my decorations down today and things are feeling a little sparse – I think I may have to make up some lovely wintery decorations now. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  9. They are DOWN DOWN DOWN and I am loving the clean uncluttered look once again – lol. I did however, notice I forgot the wreath around the garage doors – gonna get that when I get home! Happy New Year!

  10. Normally this would be our home. I don’t know what happened to me this year but it’s like I had to clean it all up and pack it away before the New Years. I think I was so Christmased out that that I was actually looking forward to transitional decor and winter crafts and even Valentines Day (which for the record is so not my thing). I love those milk bottles too! But my fav is the mantle full of photos. As an only child I wish I was raised in a big family.

    • I do the complete put-away sometimes, too . . . just depends on the mood, doesn’t it? And I’m SO happy to have all the family photos back up! These on the mantle are our seven sons (a combination of mine and Dave’s) with their amazing wives. We also have grandchildren photos everywhere! As you can imagine, our holidays are crazy-fun and lively! 🙂

    • Thank you! I DO love those photos and am always glad to put them back up after Christmas for the rest of the year! 🙂 The first four are Dave’s sons and their wives and the last three are my sons and their wives. Yes . . . we have all boys . . . but now lots of lovely girls in the family! (Not to mention all our adorable grandchildren!!!) 🙂

      • How amazing to have all those boys. My husband is one of three boys, I’m one of three girls. We have two boys of our own.

        Congratulations on your large, happy, blended family, and all those wonderful daughters-in-law. That is the sweetest.

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