BFF Refashion


No, I didn’t refashion my BFF (really my sister Susan!) . . . I love her just the way she is! 🙂  But I DID help her turn something beautiful but too-big into something fun and fashionable. This Eddie Bauer dress is a gorgeous color with a velvety touch and drapey, travel-friendly fabric. But . . . it went almost to Susan’s ankles (even though she’s 5’10” like me), was too big around the middle, and left her neck out in the cold. To move it to the front of Susan’s closet, I:

(1) removed the skirt from the bodice,

(2) widened the two front and back darts by 1/2 inch each and did the same with the two front and back seams of the gored skirt,

(3) sewed the skirt and bodice back together,

(4) shortened the skirt by a whopping 17 inches and rehemmed, and

(5) made an infinity scarf from the fabric I cut off by reading several different tutorials I’d bookmarked and adapting them to the size and shape of the fabric I had to work with.

I think it will be super-cute with tights and boots this winter.  Enjoy, Susan! ♥


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  1. That style was all the ‘rage’ years ago but always seemed too much like a “nightgown” so changing (nip/tuck) it really was necessary (I thought). You really took it to a higher level with your modifications/redesign. Boots & leggings—-a fab idea! She will definitely love it!!!!!!!

  2. Looks sensational. I have a blouse with musical instrument print which I have worn to host many children’s music concerts. It is worn out but I am inspired to make something out of it the way you “make things out of things” That dress with scarf has given me the idea to make a scarf. You have FAB ideas.

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  4. Wow, I love how you updated this. And you made it look so easy, too. I’m sure Susan will love this, and look fabulous in it. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

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