Cookies, Love, and Prayers


Cookie CuttersI started writing this post a couple of days ago to show you my new Christmas decoration. When I began having children of my own, my mother gave me the cookie cutters we used to make Christmas cookies when I was a little girl. Oh, the hours of fun I’ve had with them! This December I wanted a little something extra in the kitchen, so I strung them on ribbons, tied them together at the top, and hung them in my window.

Today, I think of my cookie cutters in a completely different way. I weep with joy that I got to grow up baking Christmas cookies with my mom and that my sons got to grow up baking Christmas cookies with me. And I weep with sadness for those children and parents who won’t have that opportunity this Christmas.

To Kris and Mike, who lost their 14-year-old daughter Bekah to cancer this week . . . to the parents of the children who were killed at their elementary school yesterday . . . to all parents everywhere who mourn the loss of a child . . . may you find comfort in the love and prayers of all of us. ♥

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  1. What great memories 🙂 I also share your sadness for the parents, and I pray that they can find some form of comfort to help them through.

  2. Christmas can be a time of such mixed emotions, joy for what we have and sorrow for what we have lost. Your post is beautiful and heart breaking; I weep with you and for the children, parents and families who have experienced such devastating loss.

  3. Amen. This senseless tragedy leaves us all looking for words and leaning on prayers. Together maybe we can lift those up that are struggling to cope with this overwhelming loss.

  4. Yes, I AGREE. My deepest Condolences to the families also. My prayers are with you all. Very nice idea of yours with the cookies cutters. Thank you for your thoughtfulness to always SHARE. Mtetar

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  6. My thoughts too are with those families who have lost children and loved ones this week, including your friends who lost their daughter. There is nothing worse than losing a loved one this time of year and especially to such violence. Love the cookie cutters and the memories you will have from them.

  7. I loved your post. Cookies always make people feel a tiny bit better even if they have no appetite and can only look at them. They are cheerful and loving. I pray that people will pull each other through the difficult times. I also agree with treadlemusic.

  8. beautiful post, very well written, thank you for expressing these words, still so difficult to talk about all this, praying for those parents. (glad to know you have beautiful memories from your childhood too) 🙂

  9. I have such a heavy heart lately. Between the news about Bekah and the shooting on Friday, this week has taken the wind out of my sails a bit. It’s amazing how having a child can make such sad news hurt in a whole new way. Thinking and praying for Bekah’s friends and family…and for you!! Love you, Mom!! xoxox

  10. Oh, what sad news. I am so sorry to hear about your friends’ daughter. What a sad weekend it has been. My thoughts are with you all.

  11. I love what you have done with the cookie cutters… This is a lovely way to display them and bring back treasured memories.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected by the tragedy in Newtown. And to the family and friends of Bekah, and other families that are grieving for loved ones.

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