Earring Frame


The beautiful vintage sewing machine earrings I won in the Hugs & Kisses blog giveaway inspired me to take all the danglies out of my overcrowded jewelry box and hang them on the wall.  Since I already had all the materials on hand, it was free, too!  Simply wrap an old frame in fabric strips (I used a faux suede remnant), staple strips of lace across the back, and poke the earring wires through the holes in the lace.  It’s easy-peasy, pretty, and makes choosing just the right pair of earrings a breeze.  P.S. One of my Thanksgiving guests exclaimed, “That’s just what I need!” so now I’m making one as a gift for her, too!  P.P. S. (1-3-13) I was just going through some bookmarked websites and found THIS! I couldn’t remember before where I got my inspiration, but now I know! Thank you, This Italian Family! ♥

Earring Frame

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  1. Wow! While it’s so simple, it looks so elegant. Beautiful work! I need to do something similar but for my necklaces. Right now, they are precariously dangling from the vanity mirror. Thanks for inspiring me to get on that!

    • Thank you, Lauren! Do you have a World Market store near you? They have BEAUTIFUL painted ceramic hooks for around $2 each. I have those on the wall for my longer necklaces and belts and scarves. For bracelets and shorter necklaces, I framed some scrapbook-covered thick cardboard, put in decorative thumbtacks, and hung the jewelry from those. BUT . . . there are TONS of other good ideas out there, too! 🙂

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  4. I have to share with you what you have inspired me to do. After reading this post I got a small red gift bag and wrote the pattern for this on a piece of paper. I then put the paper in the bag and am going to keep it on my bookcase as an “ideas ” bag. With the grace of God I will use these ideas for upcoming gifts. I love the idea of the earring frame and oh course I am prompted to think hmmm.. what if I did…. : ) As we say in Australia “Goodonya”

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  6. That’s so great, I have been looking for a cute earring storage solution for my friend’s mother! Thank you for solving my mystery!

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