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One thing I LOVE is seeing my blogging friends’ sewing and crafting spaces. Some have whole rooms dedicated to their art, some have one bookshelf or a few pretty boxes, and many (most???) of us spill over onto the dining room table for big projects. When I recently finished a weeks-long high-priority project for work, I couldn’t wait to get reacquainted with the “crafty corner” of my small home office (which also includes jewelry, scarves, and belts, a Mary Azarian print my mom loved, and some of my grandma’s vintage hats) . . . but first I decided to reorganize it so I’ll be ready for all the fun ideas I’ve been collecting. Then, when I snapped a photo of my finished work, I was amazed at how many projects I already saw in this tiny space! So here’s the photo, here’s the list, and now . . . to start playing! ♥

  • Click here for pretty tape dispensers.
  • Click here for a ribbon dispenser.
  • Click here for neat bobbins.
  • Click here for “spool kabob” thread storage.
  • Click here for penny pattern weights.
  • Click here for bin labels and a pattern weight jar.
  • Click here for a pink fabric basket.
  • Click here for a scissors pocket necklace and shirt-sleeve fabric bins.
  • Click here for embroidery floss clothespins, jewelry frames, and notion jars.
  • Click here for a zebra-print origami lotus bag
  • Click here for a sewing machine cover.
  • Click here for a fabric flower storage display.
  • Click here for a reversible lace belt.
  • Click here for a dinosaur bracelet holder.
  • Click here for beautiful ceramic wall hooks.
  • Click here for mini-pillow Christmas ornaments (in progress!).

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  1. Awesome! I really need to have a dedicated craft space… It’s hard when you live in an apartment! My craft projects take place in the guest room, master bedroom, kitchen table, dining table, etc… pretty much anywhere I have free space!

    • I know what you mean! Right now I have some things spread out on the kitchen island . . . and sometimes we can’t use the dining table for days at a time . . . but I AM lucky to at least have a “home base” where I can keep supplies. 🙂

  2. Great space; I love all the color and tidiness, makes me want to clean up my space, but I am in the middle of one major project and several small ones and I am thinking, I still need to start making my Christmas cards! Maybe sometime before Christmas I may get to cleaning it . . . just maybe!

    • I just thought of Christmas cards yesterday! I’ve never made my own, and even though I want to try, it stressed me out to think about squeezing it into the next few weeks. SO . . . it’s on my list for NEXT year . . . starting in the spring! 🙂 Good luck with all your projects, Julie! 🙂

      • Hi Katherine, I wanted to let you know that after I read this post, I kept looking at the picture and loved it so much, I convinced my hubby to prepare one in our house! we have a 3rd bedroom used as a small playroom for my one year old but we never use it because he likes the basement with all his toys and TV, so we spend all our family time down there! Because of your post, you have inspired me to have one to do all my little DIY’s, I started putting it together this past week-end but I am not close of being done! I just wanted to say thank you again for posting this and let you know I really like browsing your blog! 🙂

  3. Great organised space. Love your cotton reel storage sticks! & your scissors necklace. I wear an apron when I am sewing to keep all my ‘tools’ where I can find them quickly & easily, otherwise I walk miles around my little room looking for them!

  4. How wonderfully organized you are! Your little corner looks so well thought out. And I’m so impressed you’re able to do all that sewing on such a small table. I’m spoiled with a large table, but really need to get my butt in gear organizing everything. Great job!

    • Thank you! I can sew small things here, but if it’s a big project I carry my machine into the dining room and claim the table (sometimes for days!). So my little corner is mostly for storage, but it’s nice to have it! 🙂

  5. My craft supplies are currently in the top of my daughter’s closet. There’s a complete Organizational Fail post coming up about me really needing to fix it. These are divine and I need to go click on a million great links!

  6. I LOVE this! I’m so jealous of the crafty corner! As much as I try to organize, stuff inevitably ends up everywhere (it sounds like a common theme from the rest of the comments!). It looks great and so cozy!

  7. I had to chuckle when you said your craft things ‘spill out into the dining room…’ My craft room is in the basement, but it definitely spills into the adjoining rooms! Yours looks so nice and tidy, something I will have to attend to soon so I can finish making all my Christmas cards! 🙂

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  9. I don’t even know where to begin, Iy took my breath away !! seriously. Will you come to my house? I have 2 large areas I work in, and I have stuff everywhere in those 2 areas. It is all labelled and sorted, but still. Did I say please, come to my house 🙂

  10. I love it! So colourful. And doesn’t it just feel great when it’s all nice and orderly again. Definitely makes you want to dive in and create something 🙂

    • Thank you, Boomdee! I still remember my grandmother wearing hats to church when I was really little. I’m so lucky to have them. Plus, she’s the very patient lady who taught me to sew and embroider! 🙂

  11. This picture makes me embarassed to share a picture of my space….. It is a total mess! Perhaps I should do a before and after, then it would inspire me to tidy it up!

  12. I can’t wait until we move into a bigger place so I can do this! Our small bedsit doesn’t really allow for my own crafting area 😦 *fingers crossed* next year we can move somewhere a bit bigger!

  13. I absolutely absolutely love your space to be creative in! I know we can be creative anywhere but seeing so many beautiful thing organised with thought just makes my heart sing!! 🙂 Have pinned the picture on my “A New Living Space” Pinterest board if you don’t mind. Right now I work from my bedroom. Far from ideal but it’ll have to do for now 🙂

    I also just want to really thank you for the encouragement you have given me and inspiring me with your tireless creating and blogging and making connections with other bloggers. Here’s a big cyber hug!

    🙂 Nasyitah

  14. Love what you have done with such a tiny space.. I’m still hoping that IKEA will have a solution for crafters who live in tiny apartments and have LARGE stashes of crafty stuff! 🙂

  15. wow, your space looks gorgeous and so well organized.. sigh.. i think i still need to go and clean mine… again… 😉 love everything in yous! your spool kebabs, pretty red boxes, hats on the wall! and your fabric sushis lol!
    nice job!

  16. Beautiful craft space. I love that you included things for their decorative and sentimental value, not just supplies and storage. After years of crafting on our dining table I love the craft desk that I have now.

    • Thank you, Dianne! I’m hoping for a craft desk someday, since I tend to drag my projects in to the dining room table, too! But at least I have room to store all the “stuff” . . . so I’m happy about that! 🙂

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