Antique Milk Bottles


I was so excited to see some milk bottle carriers on RE: RETRO, because my dad had just given me the set above . . . that my grandparents actually USED!

The glass bottles needed some vinegar and hot soapy water, and the metal carrier needed a good sanding and coat of spray paint, but here it is!

I had some eucalyptus branches left over from my tote bag wall hanging project, so adding those in makes the perfect autumn accent for the top of the kitchen cabinets.


P.S. My husband Dave hung the carrier in a tree to spray it. It worked perfectly and looks lovely. Thank you to you, too, Dave! β™₯

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  1. the holder and bottles look terrific- i love that you used a eucalpt display! – and it’s even better that they are a family heirloom! love it! and thanks for the pingback!

  2. I love this idea and it makes me very nostalgic; I’m not quite old enough to be as retro as your Grandma’s bottles but I am of an age were I remember milk being delivered to the doorstep…..I didn’t start buying cartons from a supermarket until about 1995 πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to RE:RETRO, as it was a really interesting read about the history of the milk carrier. As an aussie kid, I remember the daily school milk delivery and the taste of it after it was left sitting in the sun for hours.I hated the milk but I loved the coloured foil lids on the milk bottles. Your bottles and basket look superb as vases.

  4. I love these. The carrier and eucalyptus really set them off. Some years back my husband found some of these milk bottles that a talented crafter had hand-painted with winter scenes. I treasure them as you will yours.

  5. These are lovely!!! And it’s so cool that your family actually used them! I have my grandmas old iron that they used to heat up on the stove! It’s a treasure, just like your milk bottles!!! And the Eucaplyptus looks great in them!

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