A Pretty Pumpkin Pin! (And Flowers!)


Today is a GREAT day! I finished the editing project I’ve been working on day and night for weeks. I had my first weigh-in at Curves (I started October 1) and I’m off to a good start on my new healthier lifestyle. I went out to breakfast with my husband Dave. AND . . . we stopped at Lowe’s to get a couple of 2 x 4s on the way back home and I was admiring the mums out front and a clerk came and told me that all their plants are on sale for ONE DOLLAR!!! each (because their Christmas trees are coming in soon!) so we got these eight beautiful pots of blooms for EIGHT DOLLARS!!! But . . . the REAL reason I’m writing this post is to thank my blogging friend Dianne Faw for the lovely handmade copper foil pumpkin pin she sent me from her recent giveaway! Please check out Dianne’s amazing craftiness here . . . I absolutely love visiting her blog.

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  1. What a beautiful pin! And so great to see a post from you!! I’ve been starting to wonder since I haven’t seen anything from you…and haven’t had you popping into my site. Glad to hear that today is such a wonderful day and that your editing project is done!! πŸ™‚

  2. Yay for the editing! Yay for the weigh-in! Yay for the mums! Yay for the gorgeous pin! So happy for your great day! (And wondering if Lowe’s will still have any mums left tonight…)

    • What a fun birthday flower! I always admire them every year and once in awhile buy a small plant, but this is heaven! And I love these daisies, too . . . such a pretty orange. It’s fun going outside and seeing flowers everywhere!!! πŸ™‚

  3. You did have a great day !! I love the pin, and I am heading to Lowe’s tomorrow, maybe they will have the same sale here. Good luck with Curves, and keep us updated.

  4. Those don’t look like end of season plants at all. Wow, that is the deal of a century. I really love the mauve pot! You’re pumpkin pin will look great with your hair too!

  5. Sweet pin; enjoy it. You sound like you are full of energy, which is probably the result of all your recent hard work and good choices. I always forget that, that working hard doesn’t make me tired as much as it energizes me to do even better tomorrow. And tomorrow I will make some good choices myself – right after I check out Lowes!

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