Still MORE Coffee Cup Recipes!


Mmmm . . . my favorite quick breakfast!  A few months ago I posted this Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble and 3,2,1 Cake in Not Just a Coffee Cup.  Later, I shared a few other mini-serving ideas in More Coffee Cup Recipes.  Here are some new ones I’ve been collecting from other bloggers. Someday I want to try them all!  But . . . (DESSERT ALERT! 🙂 ) . . . if your current “chic chick” resolution is losing a few pounds (mine is!) you might want to bookmark this post for later! ♥

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  1. I saw the Mug Brownie on Pinterest for the first time a while back and I had one every night for a week!!! Thank goodness I am over those now….lol. Therefor I am not certain I should follow your links:)

  2. I read this and laughed b/c when I made my “to go” breakfasts for work, I would do just this. Microwave my eggs with cheese and other toppings in a cup that was the exact shape as my English Muffin bun and made my own “Egg McMuffin” that I brought to work. It’s such a great idea and completely convenient. 🙂

  3. I love making mug cakes! So simple and quick but just as tasty! (and a good excuse to use sprinkles). Definitely going to try out these recipes! Especially the brownie one…

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