Seasonal Fabric-Tie Wreaths


The fall wreath is finished . . . and wearing a vintage bow tie! Click on the spring wreath post for details. Two more seasons to go!  P.S. Here’s another pretty wreath + tutorial from the Leisure Time blog! ♥

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  1. These are lovely! Twenty three years ago, my first year of teaching, a mom of one of my students made a Valentine Wreath like this. It was heart shaped with pink, red and white fabric. I love it and use it to this day!

    • I was afraid someone would ask me that! 🙂 I’m terrible at estimating, and I just used remnants I had on hand. If you look at the piles in the original post . . . well, I have almost half of those strips left over, so it really doesn’t take much. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific! 😦

      • I totally understand, I don’t estimate fabric very well either, I usually buy much more than I need of a project as a result. I like the whole idea of the wreath and may put it on my project “to-do” list! Thanks!!!

  2. I love them both, so glad I don’t have to choose between them as I wouldn’t be able to. Thank you for including a link to my Owl wreath that was very kind of you.


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