Whatever happened to that kite???


Awhile back I posted photos of some vintage treasures from my dad, including an old kite he’d found in his garage. After being assured that no one had ever been able to get the kite to actually fly, I agreed to take it home to upcycle. When I took it back out to “study,” I noticed that it had two long, skinny pockets, which made me think of the plastic bag holders I’ve seen some other creative bloggers make. (Like you, I really DO try to remember my reusable tote bags for shopping, but  . . . ) So, I folded it in half vertically and zigzagged along all the seams, which resulted in three more bag-stuffing spaces. With a piece of pretty rick-rack threaded through the kite string loop for hanging, it’s all ready to go!  P.S. I love these upcycled can trash bag containers from Neaten Your Nest, too (and check out Erin’s beautiful new business logo while you’re there!). If you’ve posted a tutorial for bag storage, please send me a note in a comment and I’ll add your link here. Thank you! ♥

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I love the kite idea! How adorable and useful! And you’re right, as much as we all try to to bring our reusable bags, we inevitably end up with a stock of the plastic ones. Thanks!

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  3. What a great up cycle. I very carefully remembered to bring my “green” shopping bag with me … I handed it to the sales clerk, who proceeded to put my items in plastic bags and THEN in my green bag. I told her I didn’t need the plastic bags … she took them out and threw them away. Ahh well. LOL

    • Yikes!!! 🙂 My sister gave me one of those cool little totes that folds and snaps into a tiny size to carry in my purse. It saves me often when I forget to bring the “real” reusable bags with me from the car. 🙂 But I still end up with some plastic . . . and it does come in handy sometime . . .

  4. WAY hey! I know what they remind me of. Umbrella covers- just think when your umbrella finally gives up the ghost the cover could be used for bags- they would only take one or two but perfect for going in a bag or boot of the car. Come to think of it maybe old umbrellas could be used in the same way?

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