Thimble Necklace


I recently saw thimble necklaces posted by two creative bloggers on imacraftaholic and Dollar Store Crafts.  Since I have a small collection of thimbles from my grandma, I decided to use one for a necklace charm.

(1) Make a hole in the top of the thimble with a hammer and tiny nail.

(2) Poke a jewelry wire through the hole.

(3) Bend the end of the wire inside the thimble with jewelry pliers so it won’t come back out.

(4) Curve the other end of the wire through the opening on the charm bar and tighten with jewelry pliers. (See lost earring necklace  for another example, and click photo for a larger view.)

(5) Wear the thimble alone or with other charms. I love combining it with my scissors!

I hope you’ll get to use one of these ideas to make your own thimble necklace. Enjoy! ♥

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  1. Can you send me an email so I can get your address to ask you a question? I tried sending you my question on your wordpress email button but could not get it to work! Thanks, Lisa

  2. I tried the flowers in the thimble (on the Dollar Store site) several months ago, and I guess I didn’t do it right. I turned it into a fridge magnet and it was beautiful that way. I must try the other way now, from the imacraftaholic site. I really like that idea, and the history behind it. I’ve read Peter Pan, and didn’t remember that part about the thimble! 🙂

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