Fall Wreath


When I was making my class reunion garland, I kept the materials on the kitchen island so I could work on it in spare moments. Plus, I use the tall part of the island, and it’s relaxing to stand and craft since my “real” job involves working at the computer all day. So I’ve decided to keep a project going there all the time . . . well, except for when we’re having a houseful of guests for dinners or holidays. (I DO leave Dave room to eat lunch and read his mail, too! :)) My current “kitchen project” is a fall wreath made with strips of autumn-colored fabrics tied onto a wire clothes hanger bent into a circle. I made one for spring, too, so you can click here for details if you’d like to give it a try.  P.S. I’m including a photo of the vintage bow tie I’m going to use for a-la-mode. Isn’t it cute??? ♥

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  1. Nice! This is my favourite time of year, with all the russets and coppers – its still a liitle too green here still so I’m trying to hurry it up! (Also, I knocked over the fan under my desk today and was tempted to declare it dead and and *cough* acquire the mesh cover for a pin board, and I’m blaming you!!)

    • Hmm . . . I really don’t know! I just went through my remnants, found the colors I wanted, and tried to cut a fairly even pile of strips for each one. I do know that I cut WAY too many . . . so I’ll either be making another wreath someday or using the strips for something else. Sorry I can’t help! I’ve always been terrible at estimating. 😦

    • The first one I ever saw (when browsing Pinterest . . . but I didn’t know how to pin back then!!!) was in a little girl’s room with all sort of pinks. It was so cute! So you’re right, the sky is the limit! 🙂

  2. I love this idea – but I’m truly a lazy person at heart. I don’t have a lot of decorations around my house because you have to clean them….. yes, I’m that lazy. (Besides, they usually end up either broken by the movers or turned into projectiles by 4 active boys) Do you think this could go through the wash on gentle?

    • Hmm . . . I hadn’t thought about that! I would probably just put it in a sink of soapy water and swish around a bit, rinse, and then lay it out on a towel to dry and fluff back up . . . mainly because the edges of the fabric strips aren’t finished and might fray to pieces. I’m sure I’ll be trying out my theory one of these days! 🙂 And maybe your active boys would like to help make the wreath . . . it just involves tie, tighten, and slide. Good luck! 🙂

  3. I can see it looking good already. I think i will make a Christmas themed one. I have been thinking I ought to start Christmas planning so I actually get to finish my Christmas crafts before Christmas eve. We are coming into spring here in Australia. I’m enjoying all the native birds returning to our garden

  4. I love the idea of keeping a project going in the kitchen. I too prefer standing a lot of the time, and since I’m so tall, the kitchen is the best place to do it.

    Cute wreath idea. I clicked on your spring version, too. I once saw something similar done with leftover plastic, believe it or not, from dry cleaning bags and supermarket take-outs. You cold combine your beautiful fabric scraps, alternate with clear plastic, and come up with a shimmering winter wreath.

    Fun to check in with you every few days to see what you are up to.

    • Thank you! And I love your idea of using plastic bags! I think remnants of ribbon and other notions would be pretty as well. I’m tall, too . . .I grew to 5’10” in sixth grade! When I went to a recent class reunion, one of my formerly short classmates (a guy) said, “You’ve shrunk!” But the boys just caught up with me. 🙂

      • I’m also 5’10”!!! I got my height in eighth grade. Suddenly all the boys were so short. 😉

        Yes, the boys do catch up. I had a crush on a boy who was only 5’1″ in our first year of high school. He grew to 5’11’!

        I like the idea of adding ribbons. We could really go nuts and add trinkets as well, any little leftover would do.

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  7. This is absolutely brilliant! I will definitely be trying this out. The great thing about it is that you can customise it for different occasions…christmas, baby shower, wedding etc. Thanks! x

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