Another 5-Minute Craft Room Idea



BEFORE . . .

When I ran across a paper towel holder I no longer use, I immediately thought of the rolls of ribbon I recently bought at Michaels (three for a dollar!) to make some more fabric memo boards. They’re a perfect fit! Here are a few other craft and sewing room ideas:

  • For pretty tape dispensers, click here.
  • For a pattern weight jar, storage bin labels, and needle book, click here.
  • For no-tangle bobbins, click here.
  • For easy-access thread storage, click here.
  • For neat and pretty embroidery floss storage, click here.
  • For a pretty ironing board, click here.
  • For a way to store and display your fabric flowers, click here and here.
  • For a portable way to store your colored pencils (or knitting needles or crochet hooks), click here and here.  Happy weekend! ♥

UPDATE: Emily at Two Purple Couches just sent me a tip that this and lots of other great storage tips are included in the September HGTV magazine! I did a little sleuthing and found a link here. Enjoy!

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  1. I hear so much about Michael’s on various blogs. What lovely ribbon and what a brilliant way to display it. You are a craft genius!

  2. I just found the same tip in the Sept issue of HGTV magazine & thought it was a great idea! Great minds must think alike 😉

  3. awesome! I clicked on each and everyone of your craft room tips! I am fortunate enough myself to have my own craft room and love the organizing methods you use! My ribbons are on a wrought iron paper towel dispenser that I have mounted to the wall. I also use another wall mounted one to hang my tissue paper for gift wrapping.

    • What a great idea! Wrought iron is SO pretty. I’m trying to remember if you’ve blogged about your craft room with photos . . . if so, could you send me the link? If not, would you? 🙂

      • no…i haven’t and i probably should. on another note, I received from my sister-in-law some vintage “hankies” that were worn, but had some great hand tatting on them. I turned them in to purse size kleenex holders (keeping with the hankie theme)….have you done this? didn’t want to blog it if it had been done before….mine was put together with a lick and a promise. 🙂

        • Oh, please do blog about both your craft room AND your hankies! I have a whole bag of them from my grandmother and I just took them out the other day trying to get some inspiration. I’d love to see your ideas and they would inspire bunches of us! 🙂

  4. Three for a dollar!!!! you couldn’t even get three for £1 over here – I am outraged! Hehe. a great idea though – which I;m sure you will need sticking up on such a bargain 😀 xXx

  5. This is an awesome idea! I love it. I have boxes in the garage filled with ribbon that would be so much easier to use if on a roll.

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  7. Such great ideas! I love how organised your crafting space is. Mine is all over the place, with stuff all over the place, too. Sometimes I just don’t do things because I first have to search for everything I’m going to need. You inspired me to get organised, it will definitely make all these little projects much more pleasurable! And thanks for liking my blog, I consider it a compliment.

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