Crib Skirt


Our brand-newest grandson is here for a visit! Today his mommy and I went to Jo-Ann to find fabric for a few items to round out his nursery decor, which is based on this adorable vegetable print from IKEA. We found a pretty green graphic print to use for the crib skirt, and it was a piece of cake to stitch it up! I got some helpful tips from Ashley at littlewillowtree and used her info to draw a diagram for future use. Oh, and we also got fabric for accent pillows . . . my next project!

P.S. Here’s a photo I added of the skirt on the crib when Joshua arrived back home . . . along with the pillows from the next post. ♥

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    • What a sweetie you are! The *lovely* button you gave me is now on my sidebar with a big THANK YOU to you . . . and a link to your blog! I appreciate you!🙂 Best, Katherine

  1. Congrats on the new arrival into your life! And I love the veggie print, as well as the companion fabric!

      • Very cute! And I love that it is something unique — there won’t be another nursery like it! 🙂

    • Thank YOU for being fabulous, Laura! To show my appreciation, the *lovely* button you gave me is now on my sidebar with a big THANK YOU and a link to your blog!🙂 I so appreciate your kind words. Best, Katherine

  2. I think my grandson could use a skirt like that for his crib, but I’m wondering how much longer he’ll be in it! Maybe for his younger brother or sister – whenever that will be!🙂

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