Necktie Wristlet


After using the short end of a tie to a-la-mode a onesie I still had the rest of it left, so my next project was a necktie wristlet. I’ve seen some fun photos of these on Pinterest but didn’t have a tutorial, so I made one up as I went along. It turned out great, and I think it will make a fun girly present . . . perhaps with a gift card tucked inside. ♥

NOTE: The numbers on the directions match the numbers on the pictures in the gallery below. Click on a photo for a larger view.

(1) Cut the necktie 16 inches from the large end.

(2) Unsew the tie a bit in order to cut off about two inches of the lining so it doesn’t get too bulky when you turn the end under.

(3) Make square corners at the end, turn under, and hand stitch in place.

(4) Cut 13 inches from the middle (skinniest) part of the tie. Unsew it and remove the lining.

(5) Fold this piece in half the long way, pin it, and stitch the sides together to form the wristlet’s strap.

(6) Fold up and pin 4 ½ inches of the bottom part of the tie with wrong sides together, tucking the raw edges of the strap into the side. Because of the tie’s shape, the sides won’t line up perfectly, but that’s okay. Simply stitch along the edge of the skinnier part, backstitching at the top and bottom of each seam for extra sturdiness.

(7) After selecting a button, make a buttonhole in the top flap.

(8) Sew on the button, being careful to only go through the top layer of fabric so you don’t close up the pocket. I love this feminine button from my grandmother’s collection.

(9) Gather the items you want to carry.

(10) Tuck them inside the two pockets, and you’re ready to go!

P.S. Awesomesauce later made a variation on this tutorial that I LOVE! Go check it out! ♥

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  1. My daughter was just talking about one of these when we went for a walk. She doesn’t always have pockets and she needs something to carry her keys, cell phone and a little money when she takes her dog out for a walk. Thanks for posting this tutorial!

  2. You’re welcome, Beth! They’re really quick, easy, and fun to make, and necktie fabrics are so colorful! A snap would work for the closure instead of a button/buttonhole, too. 🙂

    • Yes, I LOVE tie fabrics! I have a bunch more of these in the works. Since some parts involve hand-sewing and the pieces are small, they’re easy to carry around in my project bag for road trips. I can’t wait to see yours on your brand-spanking-new blog! And welcome! 🙂

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  7. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and the ‘like’. I love your works, it is awesome. I m following you now:). Have a lovely day.

  8. I just love your site. For years I did art shows. Now my daughter is doing them. She has fun quirky and creative things too… she has a site called Thenakedbird on etsy and loves different and well thought out artists. Your blog is so clever! I keep sending her different posts from it! I am sure by NOW she has found you herself! lol.

  9. i have attached similar ‘pockets’ made from ties straight onto skirts – for an instant pocket. a girl NEEDS pockets on skirts/dresses – then you don’t need those annoying handbags!

  10. such a clever and fun idea….I might just raid my husband’s tie collection! I can just imagine his face as the girls in the family open their presents on Christmas day lol!!

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