Locket Onesies


After making necktie onesies, I wanted to make a girly version, but what to put for a-la-mode? Ruffles? Flowers? No, BLING! But sweet bling, like embroidered lockets. These were super easy, too.

(1) Lay a real locket on the onesie and lightly trace around it with a pencil.

(2) Embroider the chain in gold.

(3) Embroider the “Mom” heart in hot pink and the “Dad” heart in teal blue. ♥

11 responses »

  1. Such a cute idea. My mom always buys my daughter jewelry and she breaks it within minutes. What can you expect from a 3 year old. I might need to make one that says “I heart Grandma”.

  2. These are really cute. My aunty has embroidered singlets for all my girls with bunnies, flowers etc. My youngest (7 months) got the most adorable little bird in chain stitch. The possibilities are endless, but I’ve never seen these before. I love them.

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