I had so much fun making maternity sundresses as early birthday gifts for our two mothers-to-be-daughters-in-law! I searched Pinterest for a tutorial and found this super-cute design on the Be Sweet blog. The bodice is a new ruffled lady’s tank, the skirt is refashioned from a new men’s T-shirt, and I added a sash made from a scarf for a little a-la-mode. Happy birthday, girls! ♥

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      • I’m so happy you’re following us! I think it’s really gracious when those who’ve been blogging for years like yourself, follow bloggers new to the field. I’ve been blogging for my business Virtual Work Team LLC for years and I love to help new freelancers. So it’s special when I see someone else do that in a new industry that I’m blogging in: Interior Design. All the best and have a great evening. I’m sure we’ll be interacting again. :P)

        • I just wrote my first post in September and am learning one little thing at a time, so I still feel like a newbie! But I love getting sewing/crafting/decorating ideas from all the experts out there! Plus, even though I have my dream day job, I always look forward to evenings and weekends, too, so I can “make stuff.” 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

          • I thought I saw archives on your blog from 2010. It must have been someone else LOL 🙂

            I run my company during the day, but I’m also an Interior Design enthusiast, so this has been a blast for me and getting to meet such great people! Enjoy your evening.


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