Placemat Tote Bag


As you know, I’m fond of making things out of placemats I find in the clearance bins at World Market, Bed/Bath/Beyond, and Target. This time I decided to try making a tote bag. It turned out great . . . and it’s even tangerine! Here are the directions:


  • 2 placemats (I used one print and one solid, but any combination is fine.)
  • a coordinating remnant for the lining (I used a piece of retro jersey from a box of fabric my mom-in-law gave me . . . I wish I knew what she made with it!)
  • up to 2 yards of cording for the strap
  • sewing thread and embroidery floss

The "insides" before attaching the lining . . .


1. With right sides of the fabric facing, stitch the sides and bottom of the placemats.

2. Hand stitch the strap inside the two side seams with embroidery floss for sturdiness.

3. Turn the bag right side out and press if needed.

4. Use the bag as a pattern to cut two pieces of the remnant, leaving a little around the edges for the seams.

5. With right sides of the fabric facing, stitch the sides and bottom of the lining. DON’T turn right side out, but do press.

6. Slip the lining inside the bag. Fold it under at the top and pin it along the top edge of the bag, bunching a bit at the straps if needed.

7. Use a slip stitch or decorative embroidery stitch to attach the lining to the bag.  You’re done! ♥

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  2. Great idea – I make bags too, and I will have to try this method. I usually use old jeans or fabric I find at yard sales; the one placemat purse I made didn’t turn out all that well. Guess I should’ve used a liner! LOL

    • Yes, the liner was an afterthought . . . but it really added to the prettiness of the bag (and covered up some pretty unattractive stitching on the inside). 🙂 I’ve been collecting tutorials for fabric tote bags and can’t wait to start making some! Too many ideas . . . too little time . . . 🙂

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