Spring Sweater Refashion


One of my favorite new blog discoveries is Refashion Co-op, which I discovered through another new favorite blog called Chic Envelopements, which gave me the courage to take my scissors to a brand-new sweater! Here’s the story. A year or so ago, I was on my way to the cash register at Kohl’s after buying a gift and saw a beautiful pastel pink sweater, light as a feather, in my size, on a sale rack for $10, and just had to have it.  I was pretty pleased with myself . . . until I got home and tried it on. It had a too-high neck that looked dowdy buttoned all the way up and sloppy with the first couple of buttons undone, and the sleeves had tight bands at the wrist which made it feel hot and uncomfortable. So, I stuck it back in my closet until this past weekend. Taking a deep breath (and forgetting to take a “before” snapshot), I cut a diagonal line from just above the third button to the shoulder seam and around to the middle of the back just under the neck ribbing, and then I used the piece I’d cut off as a pattern for the other side. Next, I used an elbow-length-sleeved sweater I like as a pattern to cut off the lower arms. Then I rolled and pinned all the raw edges under and hand-stitched around them with tiny hem stitches. Success! It’s perfect with a white tank, brown belt, skirt, and ballet flats . . . plus I made a pin-on flower out of the ribbed cuffs I’d removed and brown embroidery floss and beads. Look out closet, here I come! ♥

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  2. Mmm-hmm! Now I keep eyeballing everything in my closet that I haven’t worn for awhile, trying to figure out why I’m not wearing it, and trying to figure out what I could change so I WILL wear it. 🙂

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