Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow


I needed to make a tooth fairy pillow for a special little boy, so I decided to transform one of my monster pillows. (Yes, it would have been MUCH easier to decide this BEFORE I made the pillow, but oh, well! :)) First, I cut two small pocket shapes out of red felt. Next, I embroidered one for the tooth and one for the money. Finally, I hand-stitched the pockets to the pillow. It worked! ♥

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  1. On pinterest, there is a great idea for coating the dollar bill in glitter so that it looks like its from the Tooth Fairy. Just thought I would share.

    Thanks for the follow! Hoping to start a writing career!! 🙂

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  3. That’s so cute! My son just lost his two front teeth-wish I had thought to do this! (I mean, I guess it’s not too late considering all the rest have to come out, too.)

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