Not Just a Coffee Cup


My coffee cup is my best pal when I wake up in the morning, but now I have even more reason to love it!  First, I found this recipe for Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble in a magazine.  Then, sister-in-law Patty sent this recipe for 3, 2, 1 Cake (individual servings made almost instantly in a coffee cup).  I’ve had the eggs for a quick breakfast or lunch, and Dave and I tested the cake after dinner last night . . . YUM!  Enjoy! ♥

P.S. For copies, click on a recipe and it will appear on a new page for printing.

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  2. These look great! (Thanks for the visit & follow, btw) Hubby has been doing the eggs in a cup for some time, but we haven’t tried the cake in a cup. What a great idea for our snack time. I also looked at your other coffee cup recipes. Love ’em!!

  3. UPDATE: We’ve been doing that 3-2-1 cake and we love it. I was wondering…if I wanted to do a little more in the cup, how would I adjust the amounts? Can I just double the amounts and keep it at one minute, or would I have to change that too? I haven’t played with it yet, but plan to for my friend and her family (5 kids who love desserts).

    • Hmm . . . cooking isn’t really my area of expertise . . . I guess you’ll just have to experiment . . . and sample the experiments, which sounds like a fun job! 🙂 Good luck, and please let me know what you figure out! 🙂

      • I guess tonight’s the night to experiment then. I was thinking about what to have for a snack, and that sounds pretty good right about now. So I’ll make that while hubby cuts up bananas to put in the dehydrator. Sounds like a fair tradeoff of work to me!

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