Homemade Note Cards


Several months ago I purchased some blank note cards at Michaels hoping to come up with a way to use them someday. While brainstorming ideas, these crayon-colored cards + crayola fabric + quotes about color all collided in my mind at the same time, and I think I actually saw a light bulb go on. 🙂

Here are the steps:

(1) Type up the quotes and print on a piece of cardstock. Cut the quotes apart with pinking shears.

(2) Cut out fabric rectangles the same size as the cards.

(3) Following the directions on a package of iron-on bonding adhesive, attach the fabric rectangles to the front of the cards.

(4) Use a smaller piece of bonding adhesive to attach the quote to the top of the fabric.

(5) Wrap and give to someone you love! ♥

I can imagine all sorts of other themes  . . . horse fabric with horse quotes, kitchen fabric with cooking quotes, alphabet fabric with quotes about names . . . the options are limited only by your fabric finds and imagination.

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