Placemat Pouch


I LOVE walking through World Market, especially the aisles loaded with pillows, curtains, and table linens. Such beautiful fabrics! Then, I saw on Pinterest that lots of crafters are turning placemats into purses, pouches, and totes. So, my one and only post-holiday-sale shopping trip was to buy one each of the 30% off placemats at WM to use for projects. (Oh, yes . . . and then conducting a similar mission using a gift card I received for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Dave loves it when I know exactly what I’m looking for in a store instead of aimlessly wandering! :)) Here is my first try . . . easy, fun, and pretty!

(1) Buy a reversible placemat.

(2) Fold the bottom third up.

(3) Stitch the sides together by hand or use your sewing machine.

(4) Fold the top down. Make a button hole and sew on a button, sew on a buckle, or sew a snap on the inside and put a decorative button or fabric flower on the outside.

(5) Give it to someone you love for a clutch purse, make-up pouch, notecard pouch, or travel jewelry pouch. ♥

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