Homemade = Love


“Taking the time to create something by hand is the highest honor you can give any one thing.”

(Sara Carter in notthekitchensink)

I love walking through the rooms of our home and taking a moment to notice all the fun and beautiful things our family and friends have created. Here are a dozen  . . . more to come in future posts!

Lydia is the lovely, fun mother of our beautiful daughter-in-law Danielle. The first time I met Lydia, she gave me this gorgeous scarf she’d knitted from variegated green ribbon. I love it and wear it often!  
Our adorable granddaughter Miranda drew this picture of Dave and me that hangs on our frig. I love how petite I look . . . Dave can lift me with one hand! 🙂  
Greg painted this landscape in college. We’ve always loved it, and it’s perfect in the entryway of our “new” home.  
My mom quilted this festive table topper, which I love to put on the coffee table when I get out the autumn decorations.  
One of my second-graders, Shy’ann, drew these pictures of Dave and me after Dave started volunteering in our classroom. She was pretty excited to know that I framed them and put them on top of my frig!  
I LOVE this basket created by our amazing art-teacher daughter-in-law Tiffany. And I’m not the only one to admire it! The last time Ally and I were making crafts, she got it off the counter and said, “Now I want to make one of THESE!” 🙂  
Our little Tyler made these great coasters for us last Christmas . . . with a “little” help from his sweet mom Jen.  
Our lovely daughter-in-law Vickie painted this beautiful picture for me. She is definitely a woman of many talents!  
Our lovely daughter-in-law Mary Ann has a delightful and talented mom and dad who made these one-of-a-kind birds out of stones and driftwood they found along Lake Erie and gave them out to all the guests at Mary Ann and Joel’s wedding reception. Can’t you just tell what they’re thinking?  
Our adorable granddaughters Allyson and Kira made this colorful plate for me for Mother’s Day. I always put it out the first day of spring!  
My friend Kelly made this beautiful bracelet for me when we taught together at Frances Willard Elementary School. It goes with everything, and I wear it all the time.  
My brother David took this photo in Galveston. He’s amazing!  



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