Monthly Archives: March 2012

Candy Legos


My lovely daughters-in-law never cease to amaze me with their talents and creativity, including birthday party planning. I couldn’t resist posting these candy Legos that Tiffany made. They looked so real that the children at the party studied them, gently licked them, and then finally nibbled the corners before digging in.  So cute! ♥

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow


I needed to make a tooth fairy pillow for a special little boy, so I decided to transform one of my monster pillows. (Yes, it would have been MUCH easier to decide this BEFORE I made the pillow, but oh, well! :)) First, I cut two small pocket shapes out of red felt. Next, I embroidered one for the tooth and one for the money. Finally, I hand-stitched the pockets to the pillow. It worked! ♥

Ring Toss Game


I was wondering aloud what to make for one of our sweet little grandsons for his birthday. “A ring toss game!” piped up Dave. So we put our heads together. He’d make the wooden part from a round tabletop and dowels, and I’d make the rings from embroidery hoops covered in fabric. We even used fat quarters from Grandma Vida, so it was a true family affair. Then, elementary teacher that I am, I made a pad of scoresheets that utilize the concept of tallies and counting by fives to up the challenge when he’s ready. I hope he has as much fun playing with it as we had making it! ♥

“Blue, blue, my world is blue . . .”


No, I’m not depressed! :) I’m just using the words of my favorite slow-dancing song from eighth grade to describe my latest project . . . actually, my first “commission” for a group of decorative pillows to set atop a young family’s new subtly-striped blue bedspread. We decided that the pillows should all be soft enough to plop down on for an impromptu nap or lean against to read books with the children, so I didn’t add any button a-la-mode. We also decided to go green with our blue by only using remnants and upcycled clothing (like a pair of old flannel PJ pants and an old sweater) and curtains (like a tie-dyed valance that no one seems to remember owning!) for the fabrics. Oh, and the man of the house also requested that I go easy on the flower prints.♥  Here are the finished pillows posed on my guest bed for a photo shoot before heading to their new home.

KU Pillow


Dave decided to clean out his closet and ran across a pair of KU shorts made out of sweatshirt fabric that were a wee bit small. However, since he’d owned them even longer than he’s known me, they were a prize possession and not something to part with lightly. My solution?  Turn them into a pillow! He’s quite happy with the result, and it might come in handy for clenching and/or throwing at the TV in the upcoming NCAA games. ♥

More Placemat Pouches


I posted my first placemat pouch in January and since made several more. The only holdup was that I decided to use “real” buttonholes this time instead of a snap covered with a button and I hadn’t used my buttonhole attachment in ??? years and wasn’t sure if I remembered how. Yesterday I dug it out and had them all done in 30 minutes! I guess making buttonholes is like playing the piano or riding a bike . . . once you learn how, you never forget. Here are the new pouches, all with buttons from my grandmother’s collection, and all ready to give to people I love. ♥

Happy Spring!


I’ve seen lots of fabric-tied wreaths on Pinterest lately, so I decided to give it a try and create a spring version. First, I went through all my fabric scraps and made piles of pastel prints and solids–light browns, blues, pinks, purples, yellows, and greens–which I then cut into 6 x 1 inch strips. Next, I bent a wire hanger into a circle and wrapped the handle with yellow gingham. Finally, I started tying, choosing a strip from each group of colors in turn. This project took awhile, but it was worth it! Wouldn’t it be fun to have one for Valentine’s Day . . . St. Patrick’s Day . . . Easter . . . Fourth of July . . . Back to School . . . Halloween . . . Thanksgiving . . . Christmas . . .  ♥

Roll-Up Pencil Kit


As you know, I’ve been exploring projects I can make with those beautiful placemats from World Market. The latest idea came from the queen of crafts herself, Martha Stewart. Although I generally view her projects with considerable trepidation, I love this one ! Here’s the link, and here’s the result! ♥

Happy Birthday Garland


I’ve seen tons of cute birthday garlands on Pinterest made from scrapbook paper, so I decided to try making one from fabric. I chose red fleece, zebra fleece, and black ribbon. Here are the steps:

(1) Cut the fleece into six-inch squares.

(2) Cut letters from scraps of the opposite color of fleece and hand stitch in one corner.

(3) Fold each square into a triangle and attach the front and back with a French knot at the bottom point and halfway up each side.

(4) Slip the triangles onto the ribbon.

(5) Sew across the tops of the triangles using a machine zig-zag stitch.

(6) Make a loop at both ends of the ribbon for hanging, and give it someone you love. ♥

Baby Photo Birthday Cards


Since kids LOVE to see their baby pictures, I decided to use this idea for a simple homemade birthday card for one of our grandchildren. I printed a photo from my computer, trimmed it, and glued it onto the front of a folded sheet of cardstock, wrote about how cute and sweet and smart and funny he is on the inside, signed it, addressed the envelope, and mailed. Now it’s on its way to Germany . . . Happy Birthday, dear Logan! ♥

P.S. I may try this for other family and friends, too . . . perhaps using a photo of a fun time we’ve shared.



Design-her Gals is the best web site ever for creating business cards and other personalized products. I’ve used it for several years for my Edwriter cards, and I’ve never been disappointed. Plus, it’s fun designing your “gal,” they have lots of great sales, and a portion of every purchase goes to the Gal to Gal Foundation for Stage IV breast cancer research. I was intrigued by a recent email from Design-her Gals about the “color of the year” . . . tangerine:

Tangerine combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics, it represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and success. Add a little tangerine to your life this year!

Since this was my new favorite color last spring, I took my camera to my living/dining/kitchen space to see just how many shots of orange I could find. ♥

Quilted Notecards


Having tried my hand at one batch of fabric-covered notecards, I was eager to try this project by Threadbias. It was fun choosing the fabrics and trims and a great way to use up small remnants. Here they are! ♥