Monthly Archives: February 2012

Fairy Godmother


This weekend, I got to be a fairy godmother (aka mother-in-law with a sewing machine!) for Christin, who needed a dress for a formal awards banquet. Although she didn’t get to try it on until a few hours before the event . . . and the fitting, altering, and hemming nearly took us to the moment of departure . . . we were both very happy with the end result. Doesn’t she look beautiful? (And thanks, Christin, for being a good sport and  striking a pose for the camera. ♥)

Monster Pillows


I made a quick dash by the remnant bin last time I was at Jo-Ann and found this adorable “Monster Mania” fleece, which made two soft, cuddly 14 x 15 pillows. They definitely didn’t require any alamode, and I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finding some little monster lovers to give them to! ♥

Napkin + Remnant + Beads


As you know, I love to make pillows from cloth napkins I find in the bargain aisle of various home and department stores. My latest find was a loner for 48¢. Once I got home, I discovered four tiny, perfectly-centered holes which were were easily camouflaged by some burgundy-bead alamode that matches the remnant I used for the back. I love the rich colors and design of this finished 16 x 16 pillow!

Storage With Style


I’m working on a project that requires 16 colors of embroidery floss. I decided to start with all new skeins to make sure I wouldn’t run out, so I was tickled pink to find a new way to store the leftovers once I’d finished with them. (Thank you, Pinterest! ♥) I think they look extra pretty in this bowl Greg made, don’t you? This concept also fits a new decorating strategy I adopted when we decided to downsize to a smaller home. Instead of putting up decorations AND finding places to store things, why not use storage solutions that decorate?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Where we love is home . . . home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. (Oliver W. Holmes)

Flowers and Stripes


I needed to pick up an item at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Saturday, and after the success of my last “napkin pillow,” I decided to browse the clearance aisle for potential fabrics. To my delight, I found these reversible napkins for 99¢ apiece. By getting two of each, I could use the floral sides for the pillow fronts and the striped sides for the backs. I also added some vintage buttons from my grandmother’s collection for a little a-la-mode. The finished pillows are 16 x 18. ♥

Disappearing Dip


I recently read this great dip recipe and decided to try it when a welcome visit from some dear family members resulted in a somewhat impromptu Super Bowl party:

  • 1 brick of cream cheese
  • 1 can of white corn, drained
  • 1 can of Ro-tel, drained

Warm it up in the microwave or a mini-crockpot, and it’s ready. It disappeared fast, which is always a good sign when you’re experimenting with something new. ♥


Money Shirt


A couple of years ago I ran across some “Cash Shirt” kits in a Current catalog  and thought they’d be fun gifts for our many sons. Then I stashed them away and forgot about them! I finally tried one this week, and I think it’s sorta cute.  But . . . I’ve also found a tutorial on How About Orange that  doesn’t involve buying anything. Once I master this technique, I figure that these shirts can be a fallback Year of Homemade Gifts project . . . since, technically, I make my money by working at home, right? :)

Homemade Luggage Tags


I’ve been wanting to try a sewing project I saw on Design Sponge awhile back . . . luggage tags. This crafter has an amazing tutorial that makes the project a snap.  I’ve now made some for gifts, plus a couple for our suitcases. Try it . . . they’re fun! :)

Not Just a Coffee Cup


My coffee cup is my best pal when I wake up in the morning, but now I have even more reason to love it!  First, I found this recipe for Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble in a magazine.  Then, sister-in-law Patty sent this recipe for 3, 2, 1 Cake (individual servings made almost instantly in a coffee cup).  I’ve had the eggs for a quick breakfast or lunch, and Dave and I tested the cake after dinner last night . . . YUM!  Enjoy! ♥

P.S. For copies, click on a recipe and it will appear on a new page for printing.